This is a Reminder and invitation to South Yorkshire Unite the Community members to attend:

What? – ‘Social Haunting’ Research Project – Ghost Lab 2: ‘Haunted Horizons’ (led by Dr Toby Pillatt, Landscape Archeologist from Sheffield University & Andrew McMillan, acclaimed Barnsley-born Poet).

When? – 11.00 am to 3.00 pm, Tuesday 6th October.

Where? – the NUM Offices, 2 Huddersfield Rd (Victoria Rd entrance), Barnsley S70 2LS.

Participants? – SY UtC members already participating in this creative research, PLUS those interested in participating for the first time (this workshop is different to Ghost Lab 1 so it will be worthwhile for both to attend).

For further details, please see the attached leaflet, and note that you need to contact Dr. Geoff Bright to register your intention to attend.

The notion of ‘social haunting’ is a fascinating way for us as individuals and as members of our various communities (however we define these), to reflect on our lives, and it is a concept of great interest to front-edge, academic researchers studying the dynamics of identity and societal construction through Sociology and its related disciplines, notably when cross-referenced with perceptions of social hauntings found in the expressive ‘producings’ (can’t think of a better word!) of those working in Creative/Artistic fields.

As I write to you all, it could be said that we find ourselves in “The Corbyn Moment,” when, as trade union members – and very often as social and political activists as well – we find ourselves re-thinking old possibilities as potentially new promises. What a great time to have the opportunity to be participants in this kind of research, looking at the idea of “Haunted Horizons”!

Individuals who have already had some involvement in the research have reacted very positively to the experience so I urge you all to put this date in your diaries now, and make a point of attending. The Arts & Humanities Research Council has funded this Project on the basis that it will ‘partner’ with the Rochdale-based Co-operative Movement and the South Yorkshire Unite the Community Branches, so we do need a good number of our members to take part. The first Ghost Lab workshop demonstrated that it is also a good opportunity to foster inter-branch awareness and friendship.

If you are in contact with any Branch members who are not on this email list but may be interested, please do not hesitate to tell them about the Ghost Lab event and urge them to participate in the research as well. It would be useful if you could print off a few copies of the leaflet I have attached, so you can give it to such contacts.

Please note that it is not necessary for you to have a background in the Mining Industry or communities to participate in this research.

Ghost lab 2 – South Yorkshire