Barnsley Unite/NUM Community Centre recently staged a two-day Public Speaking Course (Level 2) which was attended by 6 Unite Community Activists, Branch Officers and Union Learning Reps.
The course took place over 2 full days (18th and 25th November).  On the first day, activists learned about how best to approach preparing a speech.  They examined the importance of three elements of public speaking: logos (logical order), ethos (building trust) and pathos (generating emotion).  Following this, activists participated in a mini-debating session.
Before the second day of the course activists constructed their own 10-minute speeches. When they returned for day two these were delivered to the group in the iconic main hall.   All speeches were filmed and analysed collectively.  They covered a variety of subjects including Lifelong Learning, Unite Community, Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign, increasing Trade Union Awareness, Effective Branch Communications and Zero Hours Contracts.
The course provides a valuable experience for activists. Knowledge and experience of public speaking gained from the course helps to build practical skills and confidence in people who have an important role in co-ordinating campaigns in the community and the workplace.
“The analysis and collective critique of each speech is what assisted me mostly in developing my line of argument. The practice of actually delivering your speech in such an iconic venue gives you the confidence to do more. I can’t wait to do the media training next”. Dan Marcus Community Activist.
If you want to gain practical skills in courses such as Public Speaking, Graphic Design or  New Media  please contact David Condliffe on 0779 111 3806 or email
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