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Doncaster Against Austerity

Join with UNITE COMMUNITY members on February 22nd @ Doncaster Women’s Centre from twelve noon to discuss, debate and decide how to organise in our town against austerity. Week by week, jobs, services and many important aspects of our life are changing and changing for the worse. The welfare state that has been set up to protect us from cradle to grave is lambasted as an unaffordable out of date idea.

This is leading to massive attacks on the most vulnerable in our society – women and children.

12.00 pm – 1.15 pm – opening session:
Austerity Against Women – Women Against Austerity
Lindsey German: National People’s Assembly organiser
Katy Taylor Aya Project: The Imkaan and Women’s Aid Capacity Building
Partnership (PC)

1.15pm – 1.45 pm – coffee break:
Buy a Raffle Ticket in Aid of Doncaster Unite Community Food bank

2.00 pm – 3.30 pm – Last session:
Benefits Advice: Know Your Rights – Know Why Benefits Matter.
Speaker to be confirmed
Thirty years after the Miners’ Strike – Campaigning for Justice For All

Barbara Jackson: Orgreave, Truth and Justice Campaign
Mike Symonds: Documentary maker of ‘Still the Enemy Within’
Janet Alder: Campaigner against deaths in police custody
Session Chair: Joyce Sheppard Women Against Pit Closures ’84-85′

Joe Rollin Unite community coordinator.

Louise Harrison @ women’s centre/platform 51, Cleveland street, Doncaster town centre
contact by text 07949 436356

Download the flyer here: donny womens 2

Barnsley Unite Community branch take campaign to the streets

On Monday and Tuesday (13/14 January 2014) Barnsley Unite Community branch will be taking the campaign to support people who have been victimised by Tory and Lib Dem welfare, benefits and job cuts into the communities.

From 11am on Monday (13 January) Unite Community will have a stall in Peel Square, Barnsley Town Centre, and will be touring local town centres and estates on Tuesday (14 January).

Unite Community will set up a stall in the town and will have campaign materials, and representatives from other organisations, including the Anti-Bedroom Tax Campaign, to help spread a positive New Year message.

Unite community coordinator for Yorkshire Joe Rollin said: “It is a disgrace that in one of the richest countries in the world increasing numbers of people are facing hardship brought about by tougher regimes in jobcentres, leading to benefit sanctions for vulnerable people, including people in work. Many are turning to food banks to feed their families.

“Cuts have also decimated support and advice organisations so Unite Community is attempting to get people working together and supporting the building of collective community based solutions to these bread and butter issues.

“Unite community has linked up with the Gateway food bank in Barnsley and we have donated food paid for by Unite’s industrial members. We also refer many completely destitute people to the food bank who regularly come into our community centre. We are focusing on debt issues too, which are particularly relevant after the expensive Christmas period.”


For more information please contact Joe Rollin Unite Community coordinator on
07711 375 536 or

Twitter: @unitetheunion Facebook: unitetheunion1

Notes to editors
The Unite Community Centre is open every Wednesday and Thursday from (time???). Unite Community Support Centre, NUM Headquarters, 2 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley, S70 2LS.

Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.

Our Community Centre is Open every Wednesday and Thursday
Unite Community Support Centre,
NUM Headquarters,
2 Huddersfield Road,
S70 2LS
Tel: 01226 215557

Sheffield Student Protest

Fantastic Demonstration against Police Brutality yesterday in Sheffield, Students including Unite Community Members hung this Fantastic Banner in Support of The Hillsbough and Orgreave Truth And Justice Campaigns linking our Struggles together. United We Are Strong.

org ban

10 December 2013 Saw A massive Demonstration in Bradford

Mainly the young People of Bradford supported by Unite / Unite Community members were  protesting at the proposed 79% cut to the Bradford Youth Service.

Fantastic Speeches from Unite Reps and the young people themselves. The Young People of Bradford also treated the crowd to anti Austerity Raps and songs! Let’s hope the council see sense and don’t enforce these devastating cuts to young peoples services.

link to Unite Community Here y3 y5 y8 y9 y10 y12

Leeds Stuff Zero Hours Protest


Sunday 9th March
Starting at 11am
The Broadway Hotel
Broadway, Dunscroft, Doncaster

Opened by Chris Skidmore, President of the Yorkshire Area NUM
Hatfield Main Colliery Band.
Speakers: David Douglass former Hatfield Main Branch NUM branch official Executive
member and author, Facts and myths of the strike.
Rachel Horne. Speaks for the post-closure coalfield youth.
Hatfield Main Colliery Band

Admission Free

For further information contact: /

View the Flyer: Doncaster

No Zero Hours – Meeting for decent contracts and decent pay

Monday 9th December – 6.30pm at St Matthews Church, Calver St, Sheffield S1 4FS

A zero hours contract is a contract where the employee is given no guaranteed amount of working hours. Workers on zero hours contracts have no guaranteed pay they can be hired an fired at will and aren’t entitled to sick pay.
They have become a normality in many workplaces and are being used to attack the rights of workers across the country from call centres and care work to the public sector.
We need to build a broad campaign against zero hours contracts and fight for real contracts with guaranteed hours and guaranteed pay for all.
At the Hovis bakery in wigan workers went on strike when the bosses tried to bring in zero hours contracts and they won, we need to take a lead from them and start a united campaign in defence of workers rights and to put an end to zero hours contracts everywhere.
Come and be part of the discussion on how we fight against zero hours contracts in sheffield!

Email: Facebook: Sheffield no zero hours
Telephone: 07954271582

zero hours e flyer

Strong Unions Need Women

On Saturday the 23rd November  the Unite Industrial and Community Doncaster Branch held ‘A woman’s part in the trade union movement’ event at The View in Doncaster. Over 20 people attended to listen to Kate Connoly, the author of a book titled ‘Sylvia Pankhurst – Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire’, and to watch Ellie Harris (Red Ladder) perform the ‘Wrong Un’, a one women suffragette play. A lively debate followed, led by Barbara Jackson (Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaigner) and Unite Community Member Louise Harrison, challenging more women to get involved. More people joined Unite Community on the day and were invited to attend the next branch meeting to make the sentiments of the event a reality.

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Historical Perspective Breathes Fire into New Campaigns!

‘Wrong Un’, a one women suffragette play, was performed to 21 students at the University of Sheffield  on the 20th November.  Unite Community, Red Ladder and the Students Union worked collaboratively to stage the event. Following the play, a Q&A – which was filmed – took place where Ellie Harris (actor), Barbara Jackson (Unite Community and Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaigner) and Kat Chapman (Students Union Womens’ Officer) were the guest speakers. This thought provoking event provided not only an historical debate but, more importantly, it resulted in a full discussion on campaigning today.  Led by Unite Community, campaigning tools including direct action were  discussed. Future campaigns such as:  Equal Pay, The Living Wage, Human Trafficking and democratic processes were also debated. The event resulted in more people joining the Sheffield University Unite Community Branch. Meetings were arranged to evaluate and progress current campaigns such as the Bedroom Tax and, in light of the discussion, to explore new tactics and new campaigns.

 “Many of the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today only exist because of the struggle and sacrifice made by individuals, groups and organisations who had the courage to stand up and speak out.  These struggles have taken place over hundreds of years – in different countries across the world – and where battles have been won, this has had a direct result in bringing about change to improve the existence of millions of ordinary people in the world of work and in wider society, helping to advance civil society. The only way to maintain the freedoms we enjoy is through a collective voice;  Unite Community is the vehicle our collective voice’’. M.Kelvin

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Art Inclusion & Wellbeing

Come and join us for free Art Classes
(Painting, art, crafts and children’s activities)
18th Sep every Wednesday 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Venue:R&B Mind
Arcadia House, 72 Market Street
Barnsley, S70 1SN
‘Find out how to stay warm and healthy this winter while discovering your creativity and talent’. Places are limited so please register early to get priority. For more information and to book a place please contact:

Roya: 07529028705 or email:
Download the flyer here Art inclusion and Wellbeing Flyer