There was a well attended demonstration outside the Greedy Greek cafe tonight on Sharrowvale Road Sheffield.

grredy greekThere to support Tomasz Freimorgen who was sacked for standing up to bullying non-paying boss Dennis Mouzakis. Tomasz’s union the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) organised the demonstration and demands:

Pay workers for all the hours they work
Show respect to workers. No more bullying and insults
Reinstate Tomasz with backdated pay

Dennis responded to the demo by turning up the cheesy Greek muzak to earsplitting levels. This, combined with our loud chanting “Greedy Greek pay your workers!”, not surprisingly put off most potential customers looking for a quiet relaxing meal. At one point he forced workers to dance arm-in-arm in the rain to Zorba the Greek. Even the police told him to turn the muzak down.

Dennis is well known for his disrespect towards workers, making them work “trial” 20 hour periods without pay, being physically aggressive and paying less than the minimum wage if he thinks his workers’ English isn’t up to scratch. This demonstration sends a message to Dennis and other bosses like him: we’re watching you and we demand respect!

grredy greek 2