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NHS Strike Action 29th January (9.00am – 9.00pm)

Below are the picket line locations that we know of so far, for next week’s NHS strike action. We would like to encourage all Unite Community members to attend these picket lines please.

Leeds Blood Transfusion Service
Bridle Path
LS15 7TW

St James’ Hospital Main Entrance
Beckett Street

Seacroft Hospital Main Gate
York Road
LS14 6UH

Jubilee Wing Entrance
Leeds General Infirmary
Great George Street

Reginald Centre
Reginald Street

Bridlington Hospital
Bessingby Road
YO16 4QP

Scarborough Hospital
Woodlands Drive
YO12 6QL

Fieldhead Hospital
Aberford Road

Kendray Hospital
Doncaster Road
S70 3RD

York Hospital
Wigginton Road
YO31 8HE


NHS Strike 24 November – Fair pay for the NHS

Unite members working in the NHS stepped up their campaign for fair pay with a further four-hour strike on Monday 24 November. We managed a short video snapshot of a picket line at Guy’s hospital in London.

NHS pay strike solid as public support swells

Members of Britain’s largest union Unite working for the NHS were out in force today (Monday 24 November), joining tens of thousands of health workers who took part in a second four-hour strike over pay.Commenting Rachael Maskell, Unite head of health said: “Today’s second strike action for fair NHS pay has been strongly supported with Unite health members joined by colleagues from the country’s leading health unions at over 120 pickets across England and Northern Ireland, behind a swell of public support.”

Across picket lines protesters held up ‘fair pay now’ and ‘peanuts won’t pay the bills’ placard messages in the second four-hour strike over the government’s refusal to implement the Pay Review Body’s (PRB) recommended 1 per cent pay increase for all NHS staff.

Rachael Maskell added: “Our members have been especially grateful for all the messages of support they’ve received from the public. They see the unfairness of the government’s decision to deny NHS staff a decent cost of living pay increase after years of pay freezes.

“The nation’s 1.35 million strong NHS workforce has been forced, reluctantly to strike for a second time after suffering a 15 per cent cut in their wages since 2010. Today also heralds the start of eight weeks of working to rule by Unite members.

“Our members are working harder and getting poorer. It doesn’t have to be this way. We are urging the health secretary to value the vital work of NHS workers who would rather be caring for patients than fighting their own poverty.

“Health secretary Jeremy Hunt cannot keep turning his back on hardworking health workers. With the Welsh government reaching a pay settlement last week, there can now be no excuses for Hunt’s continued refusal to get around the negotiating table.”


Fair pay for the NHS

Across England and Northern Ireland today, NHS workers took to the picket lines for the first time in 30 years to demand fair NHS pay

KendrayPicket_01_LoUnite Community members showing solidarity on the picket line at Kendray Hospital in Barnsley.

 Given the feedback from our members, we are confident that this was a very well-supported action with over 100 picket line protests outside NHS hospitals up and down the country. NHS workers were especially thankful for all the messages of support they’ve been receiving from the public.

We urge Jeremy Hunt to heed his responsibility to the NHS workforce and patients and to start talking with the unions to discuss fair pay for this vital staff who would rather be caring for patients than having to fight their own poverty.

Health professionals are especially concerned that the health secretary implies that fair wages for them mean job losses, but he does nothing to curb pay excess by corporate chief executives or the horrific £3 billion cost of this government’s useless reorganisation of the NHS.

The health unions are calling for the government not to impose limits on what can be achieved for this essential workforce, but to come to the table prepared to negotiate in a meaningful way.

Today general secretary Len McCluskey visited Unite members on strike picket at St Thomas’ Hospital. He said that we should send a message to this government and the political elite that NHS workers should no longer be treated as second class citizens.

Here are a few photos from today’s action (below).

NHS Emergency March

People's March for the NHS, Darlington


Here are some pictures of the NHS Emergency March as it made its way through our region. The demonstration has been hugely successful highlighting the precarious position that the NHS is in and the marchers have been greeted with overwhelming support in the local communities, The march ends this Saturday in London please show your support in any way you can link here.

People's March for the NHS, Darlington People's March for the NHS, Darlington D08091474 photo 22

999 Peoples March for the NHS


A national march in support of our NHS, taking place over three weeks, starting in Jarrow on 16th August and finishing in London on 6th September 2014.


Wakefield to Barnsley leg – 24th August 2014 (this is the Sunday before Bank Holiday Monday)

Wakefield to Barnsley route as follows: (Approx 10.5 miles – estimated time 5 to 5.5 hours)

  • Assemble outside Wakefield Cathedral from 10.00am. Short send off rally 10.15 before the march leaves at 10.30 prompt.
  • Head East on Westmorland Street towards Brook Street
  • Continue onto The Springs
  • Turn slight right onto Lower Warrengate
  • Turn slight left onto Kirkgate
  • Turn slight right again to stay on Kirkgate
  • At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Kirkgate / A61
  • Turn slight left onto Barnsley Road / A61
  • Stay on A61 towards Barnsley
  • Turn slight right to stay on A61 Wakefield Road
  • Turn right onto Smithies Lane
  • Turn right again to stay on Smithies Lane
  • Continue onto Cockerham Lane
  • Turn right onto Cavendish Road
  • Continue onto Bond Road
  • Turn right onto Cutty Lane
  • Turn left onto Greenfoot Lane
  • Turn right onto Gawber Road


March finishes on Gawber Road outside Barnsley Hospital* where a rally will be held.  We are looking at alternative indoor accommodation about a mile away in case of bad weather.


Jo Ritson


Tel 07843 208650


999 Peoples march for the NHS.



A national march in support of our NHS, taking place over three weeks, starting in Jarrow on 16th August and finishing in London on 6th September 2014.

Barnsley to Sheffield leg – 25th August 2014 (August Bank Holiday Monday)

Proposed Barnsley to Sheffield Route as follows :-

  • Assemble outside Barnsley District General Hospital, Gawber Road from 10.00am.

March sets off from here at 10.30 prompt.

  • Head southeast towards Pogmoor Road
  • Turn Right onto Queens Avenue
  • Turn slight left onto Summer Lane
  • At Townhead Roundabout, take 5th exit onto West Way (A628)
  • Turn right toward York Street , then left onto York Street
  • Turn right onto Pitt Street
  • Turn left onto Princess Street
  • Turn right onto Agnes Road
  • Turn Left onto Day Street
  • Turn Right onto Park Road (A6133)
  • Turn left onto Highstone Avenue
  • Turn right to stay on Highstone Avenue
  • Turn left onto Racecommon Lane
  • Turn right onto  Highstone Lane
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Mount Vernon Road
  • Continue onto Vernon Road
  • Turn Right onto Park Road (A61)
  • (Toilet stop at Worsbrough Country Park )
  • Continue on Sheffield Road (A61) to Birdwell
  • Just before M1 junction 36 roundabout, turn Right onto Moor Lane & over the M1 pedestrian overpass
  • Continue (through Pilley) on Westwood New Road
  • Rejoin the main Westwood New Road (A61)
  • Continue to Sheffield on A61 Penistone Road / Halifax Road
  • Just past Parkside Road (A6102) enter Hillsborough Park
  • Cross Diagonally through the park onto Middlewood Road
  • Continue along Middlewood Road to Infirmary Road (B6079)
  • Turn right onto Montgomery Terrace Road
  • Alternatively, continue along  A61
  • Turn right onto Montgomery Terrace Road
  • At the top of Montgomery Terrace Road, walk through the “Ponderosa” Recreation Ground
  • Cross over Crookes Valley Road / Winter Street at Junction with Mushroom Lane and into Weston Park.


  • Jarrow

Potentially, we will be holding an event in Weston Park itself subject to permission from Sheffield City Council.

Marshalls will be provided.  Currently we have two maybe 3 agreed for this stretch of the route, but will be providing more.  Approx 200 people are estimated to be involved for each stage of the March.

Local Contact is Jo Ritson

Tel 07843 208650


The People’s March for NHS

Dear Colleagues
The People’s March for the NHS is led by a group of mums from Darlington who are concerned by what the Government is doing to our NHS.  They will be marching from Jarrow to Parliament, along the route of the 1936 Jarrow Crusade, starting in Jarrow on 16th August and finishing in London on 6th September.
The aim of the March is to send a clear message to the Government that we will not stand by and let them destroy our NHS.  We want to retain the NHS on the founding principles, for ourselves and future generations.
The March hopes to connect people and campaigners across communities at each leg of the journey and we have been asked to provide support when the March arrives in, and leaves, the Leeds area, at the following points:
Friday 22nd August 2014
3:30pm  Harrogate Road, Leeds (just above the Ring Road)
4:30pm  Headingley Shopping Centre
5:30pm  Art Gallery, Leeds City Centre
Saturday 23rd August
9:30am  Art Gallery, Leeds City Centre
We are asking you all to participate in this important event at the various points along the way.  It is essential that we have a massive turnout to support the campaigners with our flags and placards and, in this regard, I would ask you to advise my secretary, Caroline Hopwood, at which of the above stages you will be joining the March.
We also need to mobilise our lay members and activists and I would ask you to ensure that all branches in your allocation are made aware of the timetable and plan for this historic event.
I attach herewith a flyer giving further details of the March, and the link for a more detailed plan of the route is




We are angry and shocked at the Government’s assault on our most prized possession – the NHS. The 999 Call for the NHS campaign is led by a group of mothers from Darlington.  We all need the NHS and now is the time to join the thousands already campaigning and work together to retain our NHS today and for future generations.  Unite is also determined to help save NHS and Barnsley Unite Community members will stand side by side with the mothers and the 999 compaign group in this cause.


The 999 Call for the NHS campaign group aims to connect people and campaigners across our communities for the NHS. The aim is simple; we want to retain the Bevan founding principles on which the NHS was formed. If like us, you want your voice to be heard, if you are tired of silently watching our health service be dismantled and undermined, then we ask you to take up the 999 Call for the NHS and join The People’s March For NHS!





The People’s March for the NHS will follow in the famous footsteps of the Jarrow Crusade. We will march 300 miles, through 23 towns and cities all the way to Parliament. We will serve notice to every politician that voted to destroy our NHS – Join the fight back.

Barnsley Unite Community members support the Demonstration which goes through Wakefield Barnsley and Sheffield more details of exact times to follow.