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With Banners Held High (Discussion Group)

Session at With Banners Held High info here
Joe Rollin Unite Organiser / OTJC Chair Person will introduce this important meeting bringing together four exciting grass roots campaigns. With the mass de – industrialisation of our economy and over 30 years of attacks on Trade Union rights in the UK, the old methods of workplace organisation are inadequate and long out of date, they no longer meet the needs of today’s workers facing short term contracts, agency work and zero hours contracts. Come along and take part in the debate on how we can help fight back. Speakers / Campaigns below …..
Chantal Chegrinec
Pizza Express campaign
Gareth Lane from the BFAWU

Fast Food Rights

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Take Action against Sports Direct! Scrap Zero Hours!


Trade Unionists, Community Groups and Activists Plan wave of Protest against Zero Hours September 9th! Get Involved! Direct Action Gets the Goods!

Get Involved! Email Your Unite Community Coordinator for more info!

Direct Action Gets The Goods! See our Win against Pizza Express here:

Guardian Article on Unites Pay Claim


Pressure Mounts on Sports Direct Chairman

Previous Action From Unite Community Pictures Below


Sticker Campaign against the Rip off Sports Direct!

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Unite Community Education

Educate, Agitate, Organise!

Unite National Education Department

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Community membership education programme


Since its inception, Unite Community has had education at its core and as a key driving force for growth and activism.

It was seen from the outset that education would enable and empower community members to develop their activism in relation to all areas of community action which were to be tackled. In relation to advocacy, street activism, campaigning, public speaking, design of materials and ability to use online methods of activism, education has assisted our members to strengthen their ability to undertake the issues faced in our communities and organise around those issues.

A range of specific customised education courses were built in order to accommodate the needs of community activists and that range of courses is always changing, growing and developing to meet new challenges. The education provision for Unite Community members has been sculpted with the aid of community coordinators working closely with the Unite National Education Department, with learning organisers and key tutors in our regions and nations and with our key activists.





The full range of specific Unite Community courses are listed below, followed by short descriptions of each event.


Community Activist training

Introduction to Unite in the community, looking at the concept of community membership, how it fits into the core values and principles of Unite and links to Industrial activism. The course examines why we launched community membership to provide a voice for those who felt voiceless. We also look at some of the successes of community activism and examine how those wins were achieved. We look at campaigning and organising and examine the key three pillar vision of Unite around organising, politics and internationalism, embedded in the cement of equality. Attendees should acquire a detailed understanding of Unite in the community and  broad knowledge of Unite as the largest trade union in Britain and Ireland.

Community organising

Our community initiative has been successful in recruiting almost 8700 members over the last two years however we need to look at growth in a more strategic manner and therefore this one day organising course has been designed to specifically look at community organising and how to recruit, activate and retain members.

Campaigning in workplace and community

This is a campaigning course which concentrates on how to build effective campaigns, identifying issues, testing those issues, and building wider support. The course looks at existing campaigns analyses a strategic approach to campaigning, considers campaign tactics and is largely skills based. Attendees should develop confidence in their ability to organise and run campaigns within their community.

Public Speaking

This course is delivered over two days which would normally be a few days apart. Day one will concentrate on the theory of public speaking and address some of the anxieties people encounter when attempting to speak in public. The course uses video footage to illustrate the tips and techniques which are covered. Day two concentrates on the practice of speaking in public and the days in between are used to aid construction of a speech which is delivered on day two with positive critique from peers and the tutor. There is an opportunity if attendees wish, for the final speeches to be filmed. Attendees should feel more confident in the art of construction and delivery of speeches in public by the end of this course.

Debating  skills

This course was inspired by community activists who wanted to hone in on their skills in debating. The course looks at debating skills and how to influence through argument. The course looks at a range of techniques in debate and has cross over skills to negotiation and public speaking. Attendees should probably have already attended the public speaking course or at least be confident public speakers. Attendees should feel more confident in engaging in debate.

Social media campaigning

This course is developed to equip people with new skills to develop social media profiles for their campaigns, in order to augment and amplify those campaigns. The emphasis is on building alliances through social media and widening their reach. The course will also examine setting up simple blogsites for branch organisation and exploring the positive aspects of social media for linking our industrial, political and community strands.

Digital publications

This course is designed to look at the quality of our communications in particular focussing on posters, leaflets and electronic communications used in a community setting. It examines drip feed campaigns and looks at techniques which can be used to highlight events and boost attendance.

Street Campaigning

This course is designed to tackle the issue of street campaigning, whether door to door, street stalls or surveys. The course looks at and develops the skills of engaging with people in their own environment and encouraging them to share issues with a view to recruiting them into campaigns and membership of Unite Community. The first day is focussed on the theoretical side of street campaigning, the second day, a few weeks later focusses on the practicalities and gets activists out on the streets actually campaigning and engaging with the public, the intervening weeks concentrate on building for day two with activists working in teams to build for day two.

Speak up speak out

This course looks at the art of advocacy by phone, in person, informally and in formal situations. The course is based around a series of case studies which test and debate these skills using housing, social security, disability, education, energy and fuel poverty as examples. The course is skills based and very practical

Community branch officials course

This is a condensed version of the standards branch officials/branch secretary course run over two to three days and concentrating upon the nature of community branches and how to structure and build these effectively


Regional Workshop

Contact to book you class!

Pizza Express – Fair Tips Campaign Get Involved!

Congratulations to the activists who staged the first ‘Meal of Justice’ at Pizza Express. As part of the campaign to get Pizza Express to stop deducting a 8% ‘admin’ charge from tips paid by card Unite will be holding mini occupations of Pizza Express restaurants.
How does it work? It’s simple:

  1. have a meal at Pizza Express
  2. Pay the tip in cash
  3. Stand on chair and explain to the other diners that pizza Express take 8% from card tips and ask them to tip in cash. (Most people assume the tip goes to the staff).

There will be many more Meals of Justice at Pizza Express and as they are not the only ones at it – Côte Brasserrie, who take all the tips (see Evening Standard )


This campaign links with the call for workers to be paid the Living Wage.


Please share


Community supporting Pizza Express workers

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Unite has launched a campaign to get Pizza Express to scrap the 8% admin fee it deducts from credit card tips. This meant waiting staff lost £1m last year. We say that the only fair tips policy is one where staff get 100% of customer tips.

We’ve taken action in London with a big protest outside the chain’s flagship restaurant but we now need to take the campaign to high streets across the UK. This is where community can help.

Getting our activists involved in actions

Can you think of any Community branches/members who would be willing to take action in support of Pizza Express workers?  It’s fun, simple and winnable!

We can send you supplies of the materials – attached (including flyers / postcards / placards) with a step by step guide to get their local actions started. Pizza Express has over 400 restaurants on high streets across the UK, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one.  The aim is to build up the campaign over the summer, ending with the ‘meal of justice’. Could the community branches or regions pay for a couple of our members to have a meal – stand up after once they get the Bill and talk to the other customers about some of their tips going to Pizza Express management and not the staff.

To get more info or the materials contact Chanty.

4 step recipe:

Briefly –timeline is flexible, more detail can be found in the attached recipe card.

1.    Find a local Pizza Express restaurant /restaurants to focus the campaign on.

2.    Week 1: Talk to Pizza Express staff about Unite and the campaign. Tell them about what Unite is doing to get the tip tax scrapped / Hand out the workers’ flyer) / Week 2 – pay a follow-up visit to staff.

3.    Week 3: Hold a short, hour long at most protest outside your Pizza Express restaurant(s).

4.     Week 4: Meal of Justice – enjoy a pizza with your team! Now stand up and tell the other customers that you are tipping in cash because you object to PE’s 8% admin fee.

Activists will be encouraged to get active on social media.  Taking pictures and film of their actions (protest and meal of justice) and sharing Unite’s digital content, petition, survey and other shareable content.

Download our campaign postcards: Job 7014-3 Pizza express postcard
Job 7085 Pizza postcard A5

Pizza Express is still cheating staff

Six years ago Unite’s fair tips campaign lifted the lid on restaurants misusing tips to top up poverty wages. The law was changed but that hasn’t stopped some restaurants still profiting from customers tips. When you leave a credit card tip Pizza Express deducts a 8% ‘admin charge’. That 8% goes into the company coffers and not to the staff who it was intended for.
Unite hospitality members held a protest outside Pizza Express flagship restaurant in Charing Cross Road.
Unite hospitality workers would appreciate any support you can give – if you eat at Pizza Express leave the tip in cash and tell the manager why – you want the tip to go to the waiting staff for good service.