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We’re Not Going Back

RED LADDER presents:
Written by Boff Whalley

Sheffield Trades and Labour Club
Duke Street, Sheffield, S2 5QQ
Wednesday 18 February 2015
7.30pm start
Tickets only £7 waged and £4 unwaged!

Please email to purchase tickets or you can buy them online at

Sponsored by Sheffield Trade Union Council and supported by ‘Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign’ and ‘Women Against Pit Closures’.

We’re Not Going Back is about the 1984/85 miners’ strike… more or less. But, in this hard-hitting musical comedy there are no miners. Instead, we follow the fortunes of three sisters in a pit village, hit hard by the Government’s war against the miners and determined to set up a branch of ‘Women Against Pit Closures’.

It’s 30 years since the Miners Strike 1984/85 when NUM members and their families were engaged in a year-long national strike to save their communities from the devastation of Thatcher’s pit closure programme. Their determination and the hardship they endured should never be forgotten, nor the massive solidarity shown by trade unionists at home and abroad in support of their struggle.

This was a strike which polarised the nation and pitted working class strikers and their families against the full force of the state. The military nature of the police’s response and their brutal treatment of pickets, coupled with the media manipulation and bias in the reporting of the strike leave many questions still answered today. Questions which are being pursued forcefully by Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign who are also supporting this production.

Red Ladder have had their funding cut following the cuts to the Arts Council.
To support this important theatre group you can make a donation by texting
“REDL46” to 70070. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.
Alternatively, you can visit

View the flyer: We’re Not Going Back Performances – Sheffield 18.02.2015

Save Red Ladder Theatre


Well, Terry Jones does. And we do too.

That’s why we’ve set up a campaign to help save Red Ladder Theatre Company. Red Ladder is one of the last truly radical theatre companies in existence in the UK and has been going for 46 years telling the stories and struggles of everyday people and bringing it to the communities who need it most.

Most recently they toured a play about women during the Miners’ Strike to mining communities and pit villages such as Washington, Hexham and Hemsworth.

Yet on 1 July this year it was announced that it would have 100% of its funding cut from the Arts Council whilst other art forms such as the opera and ballet received a boost.

We don’t think this is right.

At a time when inequality is growing, when austerity is hitting hard working people the hardest and when cuts are destroying the fabric of communities we think it is imperative that these people are given a voice.

If you agree and want these stories to continue to be told and want to support a company that helps galvanise communities to stand together against austerity then please donate and keep Red Ladder alive.

Just £3 from all of Unite’s members will allow Red Ladder to continue to do what it does for the foreseeable future. You simply need to text “REDL46” followed by the amount you wish to 70070. For example:

“REDL46 £3”
(Donations possible: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. To donate other amounts visit
Thank you,
Save Red Ladder

Save Red Ladder

Save Red Ladder
Main Entrance, City Centre Campus, Howard Street S1 1WB

Join the early communards of Red Ladder in a first public screening and audience discussion of two films produced and directed by Mike Dibb for the BBC.

An Arena documentary (1978, 60 mins) following the Company through the process of making their play about the 1842 Plug Riots in the Calder Valley and taking it on the road to an audience of textile workers in Todmorden.

Political Theatre Songs of the 70s, A Lively Arts Film for the BBC (1979, 50 mins) showcasing Red Ladder, The Sadista Sisters, Belt and Braces plus The Albany Combination in Deptford. Stonking songs with powerful still pertinent politics.

This is a free ticketed event hosted by Sheffield Hallam University in collaboration with Red Ladder. Save Red Ladder is a fundraising campaign to keep the company on the road after the axing of their Arts Council grant.

Book your ticket here. Donations on the door.
Contact Kate Housden:
Download the flyer: Save Red Ladder flyer

We’re Not Going Back

We’re Not Going Back is about the 1984/85 miners’ strike… more or less.

But, in this hard-hitting musical comedy there are no miners. Instead, we follow the fortunes of three sisters in a pit village, hit hard by the Government’s war against the miners and determined to set up a branch of ‘Women Against Pit Closures’

Olive, Mary and Isabel are like any other sisters whose everyday squabbles became a background hum to the strike that forced them to question their lives, their relationships and their family ties.

We’re Not Going Back tackles the resilience of working communities, the make-and-mend fabric of family and the power of sticking two fingers up to a government hell-bent on destruction… and all with humour, song and a six pack of Babycham.

Red Ladder are delighted to be working with Unite the union, North East, Yorkshire & Humberside on this production. For further information about their work visit their website.

Stacey Sampson, who plays Mary in We’re Not Going Back, is currently writing a new blog about being the main ‘bread winner’ in her home following returning to work after having a baby. It makes for a really interesting read, have a look here.

For tour dates and booking information, click here.

We’re Not Going Back

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Unite Community / Unite Members were blown away by the preview of the Unite backed Red Ladder production of “We’re Not Going Back”.

The Show took place at the Durham Miners Headquarters and home of our Unite Community Centre Red Hill.

This fantastic show will now tour the UK, so book your tickets fast! More info here.

Red Ladder have just had their funding cut, so please get along and support them. Britain’s best and most radical theatre company!!!

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