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Oaks Disaster Fund Donation


We are proud to have received the above letter from Chris Skidmore of the NUM, for our donation to the Oaks Colliery 150th Anniversary Disaster Memorial.

Dear Joe,

Many thanks for the wonderful donation that you and your colleagues have contributed to the above fund. It is a marvellous gesture of solidarity and confirms that Trade Unionism is alive and well in this Century and firmly illustrates that the Trade Unionists of the past who made the ultimate sacrifice at work are not forgotten by the “foot soldiers of today”. The “People & Mining” Group who are “fronting” the Appeal for the Memorial Fund will place their appreciation on record at the next Steering Committee Meeting later this month.

Your sincerely,

Chris Skidmore (Yorkshire Area NUM Chairman)

The Oaks 150 Colliery Memorial

The Oaks 150 Colliery Memorial 1866-2016 (150 years) are looking to erect a memorial to those who died in the worst coal mining disaster ever to happen in England, which would be seen as a monument of national significance and demonstrate that the living will not forget the past. This is fully supported by the NUM Yorkshire Area.


Do you have relatives or do you know anyone who has who were victims of the Oak Colliary Disaster in Barnsley, at which 361 men and boys lost their lives?

Would you like to get involved?

Do you have any information or stories relating to the disaster?

If you can help in any way, please contact:

T: 01226 757024 or 01709 894636

M: 07518 154474


Please distribute this as widely as possible and help this small group of ex-miners to raise funds for a suitable memorial to those who perished 150 years ago.

OAKS 2 001 OAKS 3 001

A third historical look back

More images from the archives of Brian Clarke.

Barnsley Town Centre May Day 1984.
Trades Union Congress 1984.
Betty Heathfield speaking at an AA meeting in Barnsley, Norman West MEP waiting to speak.
A March in Liverpool 1981.
Peoples March for Jobs. Marchers being welcomed at Wortley Hall 1982.

Another historical look back

More images from the archives of Brian Clarke. All of these were taken when Sheffield factories stopped work, to march from Meadowhall to Sheffield City Hall for the Peoples March for Jobs in 1981.

A historical look back

A historical look at the Trade Union Movement in South Yorkshire in the 1980’s, from Unite Community volunteer Brian Clarke’s archive.

Image include the 1983 March for Jobs, the 1984 May Day March in Barnsley, the 1986 Jarrow March as it passed through Barnsley, AEU trade unionists and a few shots of Sheffield factories after they had closed. Including the AEI factory, Bone Craven, Firth Browns, Hadfields, Jessop Saville, River Don Works and Shardlows.