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Unite Radical Library

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80 plus books for the Unite Radical Library, donated by generous comrades from Sheffield. Just need entering into the computer and then putting on the shelves in the correct order.

Unite Community Library

You can now view the books that we have available in our radical community library in the new tab on the menu bar above.

A big thanks to everyone who has donated books so far. If you can donate any books, please contact us.

Book of the Month

In keeping with our Community Library at the Barnsley Community Support Centre, we would like to present our book of the month. A special mention should also go to Dave Gibson of the Trades Council, who yesterday donated seventy books to the library. Thanks Dave!

Unite Education: TOM JONES – a fighter for freedom and working people

Spanish Civil War volunteer and Welsh TGWU general secretary

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This is the first in a series of downloadable and printed short books on great men and women who feature prominently in the history of UNITE and its predecessor unions. We hope these histories will provide fascinating reading and inspire the current and future generations of trade unionists to take up the struggle on behalf of working people as there is certainly a lot to fight for.

Tom Jones was a remarkable man who as a miner actively participated in the 1926 General Strike before joining thousands from Britain and Ireland who bravely took up arms in the 1930s on behalf of the Spanish Republic in a battle to defend democracy and crush fascism. He remarkably survived being executed, a death sentence and years in prison before returning to Britain after a successful labour movement campaign to secure his release.

Serious injuries prevented him taking up arms to fight fascism in the Second World War. He became active at work in the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) and was to be appointed as a regional organiser in North Wales and for parts of Merseyside. He later became the first TGWU all-Wales Regional Secretary.

A very bright and friendly man, Tom campaigned to bring industries and work to Wales. By recruiting and organising thousands of workers he helped ensure decent pay and conditions across many industries. As a labour movement activist he sought to extend support for the unemployed and those unable to work because of ill health or old age.

Towards the end of his working life, Tom played a prominent role in the development of the Wales Trades Union Council.


If you would want a printed copy of this booklet please contact your regional office or contact UNITE education at

Unite Community Support Centre’s appeal for books

BarnsleyCSC_Library_LoResVolunteers Richard Vivian, Pete Smith, Muhammad Tariq, Coordinator Joe Rollin and Brian Clarke, with some of the books already donated.

The Barnsley Community Support Centre, based at the NUM Headquarters on Huddersfield Road, is appealing for donations of books for its new community library.

The centre opened its doors in June 2013 to offer a range of advice on benefits issues, including support with appeals and representation at tribunals. Staffed entirely by volunteers it runs courses on welfare advice training, also helping people with computer skills and internet access, with the ‘Learn My Way’ course.

Regional Unite Community Coordinator, Joe Rollin explained, “we have come a long way in a short time and opening our community library is another step forward in our aim to educate. We particularly want people to learn about the history of the trade union movement. We have already received a couple of large donations to help get us started.”

There is no formal lending system, “people just turn up and we record their name, phone number and the books that they have borrowed on our record sheet. There is no need to become a member or make any payments, we just trust people to be honest,” said Joe.

The centre is open every Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00am to 3.00pm and donations can be brought to the centre, or call 01226 215557 to make arrangements.

Unite Community Library

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The Barnsley Unite Community Centre is setting up it’s very own community Library.

We have already had donations from Unite the Union and Red Pepper Magazine. If you would like to donate some books, please drop them off at the centre or put them in the post.