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Training members in Graphic Design

Educate Agitate Organise!

Unite / Unite Community offer a wide range of educational courses that are designed with the intention of giving you the skills to effectively campaign in your workplace or community.

Below are some examples from our recent Graphic Design Course held in Leeds please follow this link to see more courses available. We need to build a team of skilled activists in every workplace and community across the whole country if we are to win the battles that face us.

The Con Dems are very determined and organised, we need to be more determined and better organised if we are to win!


New training dates

A host of new training dates have just been added to the site here, with more for 2015 to follow soon. Contact Andy Pearson for more info on 0113 236 4830 or send an email.

Be sure to check back soon for more dates.

Join us at Summat New

summat new
Join us for the launch of Leeds for Change! Unite Community is getting involved with Summat New, and we’d love you to join us. We will be running a session on linking Community Activism with Industrial Struggles at 3pm and also we will be running a stall all day.

Saturday 8th November, 9am – 10pm

Leeds University Union

Get connected, share skills and join in action for change, with a day of guest speaker panels, workshops hosted by groups from Leeds and further afield, films, art, singing and lots in between for all ages! The full programme is now available, so check it out!

Guest speaker panels will feature:

Paul Mason – Channel 4 Economics Editor, prolific author and digital media guru

Pragna Patel – Founder of Southall Black Sisters, activist and listed in the Guardian’s 100 Top Women

Clara Osagiede – RMT representative, powerful living wage campaigner for London Underground cleaners

Eleanor Lisney & Armineh Soorenian – Sisters of Frida, a Disabled Women’s Cooperative

Aderonke Apata – Lesbian from Nigeria fighting for asylum in the UK & campaigner

Representative from Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty – campaign group fighting austerity measures

In the evening, we will be celebrating with dinner cooked by The Real Junk Food Project, music from Leeds choirs, and comedy from Chris Coltrane.

The event is FREE to attend, but donations towards running costs can be made through Tidal’s page on LocalGiving. This means we can get gift aid, and from Tuesday 14th October your donation will be doubled!

Leeds for Change promotes social change across the city. We aim to connect groups, improve access and facilitate the sharing of resources and skills amongst those who share a similar vision for Leeds.

We’re putting on this event in collaboration with the wonderful Economic Justice Project.

Want to help with the day?

We are looking for people to help with everything from sign language interpreting to helping people register, so find out more about what’s involved and email to join our volunteering team.

We’ve got loads more information on our website, so for all the details visit

Summat New programme


Graphic Design Course

graphic designGraphic Design
Unite Office, Leeds
Monday 10th November

This course will help you to create poster and other literature in order to communicate with your members more effectively. We will use programmes such as Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.

To apply for this course please email Justine Renner.

Huddersfield Community Activists

Unite Community Activists From Huddersfield held their first activist training day today.

The group have been campaigning on Welfare Reform Issues and are concentrating most of their effort around the issue of sanctions. They will be electing Branch officials at their next meeting please contact us to get involved.

Public Speaking Course

Monday 29th September

Public Speaking Course Day 1

The Public Speaking course day one was held in the iconic NUM Hall in Barnsley. The NUM Hall is steeped in history and has been an arena for public speaking, particularly during the Miner’s strikes.

The reps and activists were given the opportunity to wander around the hall to take in the history and atmosphere before the course began. A perfect place to hold the course! Most of the day was spent learning about the theory, methodology and construction of speeches. Towards the end we gave them the chance to stand on the platform to get a feel for what it would be like delivering a speech. The day has prepared them for the next session which will be delivering a speech!


Introduction to Mental Health

Introduction to Mental Health, Castleford Community Learning Centre Wednesday 17th September

This course was a general overview of Mental Health where a variety of reps, such as Union Learning Reps, Workplace Reps, Health & Safety Reps and Equality Reps, along with Community Activists attended.

They looked at factors, such as the fears, the stigma, the support and how to tackle the negativity that people with mental health have to face.

They all found the day very engaging and informative. All of them deal with and support members at very difficult and hard stages of their lives, including some who suffer with mental health issues.

The experienced tutor quickly put ground rules in place at the start of the day to ensure they all knew they were in a safe environment. They all understood that anything discussed within the course would remain strictly confidential.

The course went very well, receiving great feedback. The reps were very eager to participate and share examples. Due to the nature of the course it was important that support mechanisms were put in place.

There were many issues that arose around mental health throughout the day these included, suicide, post natal depression, overdose, Bi-polar, alcohol and drug addiction, cancer/health issues, obsessive compulsive disorder.

As a result of this successful pilot course we are hoping to roll out a more comprehensive course, where reps and activists are able to delve further into this subject matter.

If this is something that would be of interest to you, please contact Becky Feather, Union Learning Organiser, for further information.


Helping Communities with Learning ICT & English

Helping communities is one of the strongest point of Unite The Union and recently the Unite Community Support Centre in Barnsley has recently joined forces with the British Red Cross. This week we have been able to welcome 6 Iranian Asylum seekers into the centre with the objective of assisting them with computer skills and helping them to improve their English.


Within the next few weeks we are confident that we will be in a position to offer the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course to them. We are looking forward to working with the British Red Cross new venture.

United Migrant Workers Education Project (UMWEP)

Brian Clarke and myself attended this event on behalf of the Barnsley Unite Community Support Centre in order to observe just what UMWEP is doing, how it is progressing and to give us ideas for the development of the Barnsley Centre.  Our first priority after registration was to introduce ourselves and to explain why we were here, we spoke very briefly with Carlos Cruz – ULR who was constantly being asked questions and dashing around from one room to another ensuring everything was going as planned, obviously a very good organiser, we also asked for permission to take photographs which we were given.

The first items on the days agenda were various workshops, having looked at the programme; we decided that the most appropriate workshop for us to attend was the ESOL On-line, as we are keen to offer this course in Barnsley. ESOL standing for English for Speakers of Other Languages. The tutor for this workshop was Orlando Martins, Regional Learning Organiser based in Norwich. We stayed in the workshop for two sessions listening to Orlando explain to participants what the course involved and what to expect from it. There were only the two sessions for this workshop and Orlando was kind enough to spend another 30 minutes or so explaining to us that he has been teaching this course since November last year he told us how he organises the courses the methods he has found most successful and of course he answered our many questions. Mohammad was keen to learn what qualifications Orlando had to deliver ESOL. Orlando gave the answer but explained that PTTLS was a good starting point and adequate to facilitate the course. It became apparent to Mo and me that this programme could work well in the Barnsley Centre but there are some resources that the Centre would require.

We next spent some time in the Art workshop, not participating but observing what the students were doing and looking at their work. We took several photographs of art work on display.  Next was the drama workshop where we watched what was taking place, unfortunately for us, in this workshop only Spanish was spoken so we had to guess what the students were doing by their actions rather than words. It appeared that they were re-enacting a scene where they as immigrant workers were being abused and even physically attacked.  We then had the opportunity to speak with Lesley Stevenson, Equality, Diversity and Community Coordinator, a long-time friend of mine, Lesley explained the origins of UMWEP and its development to the present day and of the strengths of Carlos Cruz.  Lunch was next on the programme which was very good with a mixture of Latin American foods on offer including Rice, Congrie (Black Beans) fried banana, fried pork, chicken, salad and a samosa type pasty with salsa with either orange or apple juice.  Linda Hughes, Union Learning Organiser in our Region introduced herself (Mo had met her previously) and we chatted to her about the project.

Click on Images to view the slide show !

After lunch everyone gathered in the auditorium, we were surprised just how many people there were present. A welcome was given by I think Steve Rowlatt, unfortunately the PA system was not working and my hearing is not good. Greetings from Len McClusky and Jim Mowatt were read out.

This was followed by a contribution from Carlos Cruz, mainly in Spanish and a short film which featured Paul Robeson singing Joe Hill. During the contribution from Carlos he emphasised this project was not all about learning, it was also about organising, expressing the point that we cannot do much on our own as individuals but collectively in a trade union we can make changes and progress. Carlos also explained the situation and unfairness of Colombian Isabella Acevedo who was cleaner for Tory MP Mark Harper; he was reinstated as a junior minister after it was revealed that he had been employing Ms Acevedo illegally. Ms Acevedo has now been deported back to Colombia. He reported that UMWEP was now attended by people from 27 different nationalities, speaking 34 languages. (We had been told earlier that today the majority of people are from Latin America and the organisers are trying to encourage people of other Nationalities. Unfortunately at this stage we had to leave to catch our train back to Barnsley.  Myself and Brian spoke at length on the train about what we had seen and heard and learned and how these ideas could be utilised in the Barnsley Centre.


Introduction to New Media and Blogging

New Media and Blogging 02.07.14

Monday 30th June Castleford & Wednesday 2nd July
Introduction to New Media and Blogging

This was an introduction to New Media and Blogging where we looked at various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, WordPress and Blogger. We delved into the practical side of social media and how to use this as a tool for organising within workplaces or communities. We also looked at the wider implications of its use and awareness of social media policies.

A big thank you to all the activists who attending the above courses! They were extremely popular and prove that we are all now become aware of how we can use social media as an organising tool for our campaigns.

Chris Sharman from Worker’s Education Association quoted, “I realise the huge potential opportunities there are with New Media for Campaigning and sharing, along with the pitfalls.”