Join with UNITE COMMUNITY members on February 22nd @ Doncaster Women’s Centre from twelve noon to discuss, debate and decide how to organise in our town against austerity. Week by week, jobs, services and many important aspects of our life are changing and changing for the worse. The welfare state that has been set up to protect us from cradle to grave is lambasted as an unaffordable out of date idea.

This is leading to massive attacks on the most vulnerable in our society – women and children.

12.00 pm – 1.15 pm – opening session:
Austerity Against Women – Women Against Austerity
Lindsey German: National People’s Assembly organiser
Katy Taylor Aya Project: The Imkaan and Women’s Aid Capacity Building
Partnership (PC)

1.15pm – 1.45 pm – coffee break:
Buy a Raffle Ticket in Aid of Doncaster Unite Community Food bank

2.00 pm – 3.30 pm – Last session:
Benefits Advice: Know Your Rights – Know Why Benefits Matter.
Speaker to be confirmed
Thirty years after the Miners’ Strike – Campaigning for Justice For All

Barbara Jackson: Orgreave, Truth and Justice Campaign
Mike Symonds: Documentary maker of ‘Still the Enemy Within’
Janet Alder: Campaigner against deaths in police custody
Session Chair: Joyce Sheppard Women Against Pit Closures ’84-85′

Joe Rollin Unite community coordinator.

Louise Harrison @ women’s centre/platform 51, Cleveland street, Doncaster town centre
contact by text 07949 436356

Download the flyer here: donny womens 2