SATURDAY 15th FEBRUARY – 12pm -1pm
The Bakers Union (BFAWU). Unite Community Sheffield and Unite the Resistance have teamed up to support workers in the fast food industry.

Recent announcements from these hugely profitable companies regarding their use of unpaid labour and abundant use of zero hours contracts seem to have gone largely unnoticed in the mainstream media.

It would appear that forcing workers into poverty and having them rely on benefits to pay for basics such as rent and food is quite acceptable in David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ Britain.

Well it isn’t.

Saturday the 15th of February: We will hold a flying picket of the worst culprits in Sheffield and call on all trade unionists and members of the community to show support and join us.

Our demands are simple.
1. Proper contracts of employment for employees. security in work.
2. A decent wage that means no longer will employees need to claim benefits.
3. The scrapping of unpaid work like the use of workfare.

We will meet at the bottom of Fargate. Sheffield. S1 1QF to walk the short distance to our first target.

For more information, please message https://www.facebook.com/UniteCommunitySheffield or email gareth50lane@gmail.com