This should be the final Communication about the Football Tournament on 16th of January but please feel free to contact me any time for further clarification or information about the day you can get me on:

Mobile 07814336545

Information about the Day itself

All the games will be played in doors on astro turf so please bring appropriate footwear, please bring along matching colour shirts for your team, we have spare shirts for the day if two teams clash supplied by Amnesty International. A map of how to get to the ground, start and finish times can be found here

Food will be provided free on the day, and no entry cost will be charged!

There is also free parking

Please bring as many substitutes, friends and supporters as you like we want the day to be as inclusive as possible mixed teams are also welcome. We also have a facebook page here

And the unite community Blog here:

Unite Community operate a zero tolerance attitude to any form of discrimination so please come with an inclusive attitude, we want people to enjoy the day make new friends and contacts and help create a more decent and fair society.

Please find below the final Grid with all the teams on and a running order for the day! Copy of Copy of football list JOE

I look forward to meeting you all, in Solidarity Joe Rollin Organiser Unite the Union.