We couldn’t have asked for worse weather! Snow, bitter cold and strong winds.But nothing deters the South Yorkshire Freedom Riders!60 from Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield took the bus to York where we were met by members of York Trades Council, pensioners from Leeds and Bradford.We went to Northern Rail Headquarters. They refused to come out to speak to us. They would not even open the door! But our shouts and chants made sure

they knew we were there and what we want.

Then we marched through York to have a snow blasted rally. We got lots of support from people walking by.

Speakers from York Trades Council, Yorks and Humberside National Pensioners Convention, York Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and the Green Party all offered support and best wishes.

This Thursday we should have thawed out and will be meeting at Barnsley Library at 11am to discuss how we mark out anniversary on March 31st. Please come along if you are able.