George Osborne’s record is one of ‘long term economic pain’ with today’s budget pointing the way to unprecedented austerity if the Tories win the general election warned the leader of Britain’s largest union, Unite.

Commenting Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “George Osborne’s smugness today is utterly out of place for someone who missed every target he set himself.

“He cannot hide the long term economic pain he caused to the decent people of this country with his senseless austerity, run away from the living standards that he levelled back to 2007, or hide from the record levels of personal debt swamping the people of this country.

“People simply aren’t feeling the economic growth and the sun which the chancellor says is beginning to shine is clouded by insecurity and low wages for millions of families.

“Behind the short-term sweeteners and budget bluster, the reality for millions is that their wages won’t last the month. Millions more are trapped in ghost jobs with pay so pathetic they need benefits to make ends meet.

“Osborne’s is not an economy where the gains are shared fairly, and people know this all too well. Take away today’s gimmicks and this budget is a window onto five more years of Tory rule – more savage cuts to essential public services and the deepening spread of inequality.

“If you’re a hedge fund, wealthy retiree, or a business shy of providing fairly paid, secure employment, Osborne’s Britain is the place for you. If you’re looking for decent job, a home in which to raise your kids or a safe NHS, then it is not.”