The below outlines the position on voting in the Leadership election.

Unite Community members can become affiliate Labour members, the same as our industrial members. This link: will allow them to do this.

Trade union affiliate members can decide for themselves which candidate they vote for. In London, Unite has backed Sadiq Khan, this followed a Mayoral hustings in front of our London lay members who then voted on who to back. While Unite will recommend a vote for Sadiq Khan every union member who has signed up as an affiliated supporter can still vote for who they wish.

For the Labour leadership: on 30thJune there will be a Trade Unions for Labour hustings (all union’s affiliated to LP) – Unite’s lay elected Executive Committee and Political committee will be at that hustings and following it will decide who Unite will back based on policy positions on areas important to Unite members. But again it is only a recommendation and members decide on who they want to vote for themselves. Unite members can watch these hustings at the regional office (please ask the regional political officer for details if your members are interested).