We had a really positive Freedom Riders meeting on Thursday.

We have a huge number of leaflets advertising what we are doing and inviting people to our anniversary rally on March 31st.

Dave announced at the meeting that our old friend Tosh McDonald (who is now National President of ASLEF) is coming along to that rally.

We already have loads of leaflets that have been taken for leafleting clubs, bingo etc. We decided that we will organise leaflet distribution in Barnsley every day next week.

Meet at the bus station under the overhang:

Monday: 11am
Tuesday: 11am
Wednesday: 1pm
Thursday: 1pm
Friday: 11am

We’ll see if any leaflets are left after that!

Do pass on to friends, neighbours, family. We want to get as many new people along as we can and also as many of the original Freedom Riders as possible.

We have done a tremendous amount in the last year and this should be a great chance for us to celebrate.

If you just want to get leaflets to use round your area then come to the bus station at one of those times and you can have as many as you need.

As you will know March 31st marks the anniversary of the first Freedom Ride.

We intend having a celebratory rally and are inviting along people who have spoken at our rallies. I hope you are able to join us at Barnsley train station at 11am on Tuesday March 31st at our rally.

Below are PDFs of the leaflet. Please pass on the information and invite to anyone else you think might want to join us.

150305 public leafelt front