Below are a series of downloadable leaflets and forms in PDF format.

JSA How to Keep Your Benefits JSA Sanctions Factsheet

CLASS: Exposing the Myths of Welfare 2013_Exposing_the_myths_of_welfare

CLASS: Austerity Illusions and Debt Illusions 2013_austerity_illusions_and_debt_delusions

CLASS: Why Inequality Matters Why_Inequality_Matters

CLASS: Why Immigration is Good for all of us why_immigration_is_good_for_all_of_us

Food Collection Stickers 3726_001

Unite Community Membership Form (Polish) Comm mem form N.Ireland – POLISH

Abolish Workfare & Zero Hours workfare-zero hours

Polish – 10 Reasons to join Unite 10 reasons template doc – polish version

Join Unite Community 6704_Amazing_Community_Flyer_A5_1

ATOS: Stop profiting from disability Atos Leaflet National

GuideToWebCampaigning 6197_GuideToWebCampaigning_4

Rules About Evictions for Social Housing Tenants Job 6168 COMMUNITY FACTSHEET 1

Rules About Evictions for Private Tenants Job 6168 COMMUNITY FACTSHEET 2

Arm Yourself Against Debt final version no evictions

1. Universal Credit 5595-1 Universal Credit11-8484

2. Benefit Cap 5595-2 Benefit Cap11-8487

3. Bedroom Tax 5595-3 Bedroom Tax11-8488

4. Council Tax Benefit 5595-4 Council Tax Benefit11-8489

5. Disability Living Allowance 5595-5 Disability Living Allowance11-8490

Bedroom Tax GenJob 5641 Bedroom tax A511-8365

Don’t Lose You Benefits Job 5168 Com Mem Dont Lose benefits HiRes (2)

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