9-11 – N.Chomsky
A Beginners Guide: Democracy – D.Beetham
A Brief History of U.S Aggressions – A.Colleoni
A Fate Worse Than Debt – S.George
A History of The Graphical, Paper and Media Union – J.Gennard & G.Hayward
A New Labour Nightmare – A.Murray
A Problem From Hell – S.Power
A Social Hisotry of England – A.Braggs
A Special Case? – J.Hughes & R.Moore
Against Austerity –  R.Seymour
Age of Regions – The Smith Institute
An Army of Phantoms – J.Hoberman
Anatomy of A Merger – R.Jones & O.Marriot
Aneurin Bevan 1945-1960 – M.Foot
Another World Is Possible – J.McDonnell MP
Arguments For Democracy – T.Benn
Beasts of No Nation – U.Iweala
Being Frank – F.Watters
Being Frank – F.Watters
Beyond the Fragments – S.Rowbotham, L.Segal & H.Wainwright
Beyond Wage Slavery – K.Coates
Britain In Class – J.Hughes
British Capitalism, Workers and the Profits Squeeze – A.Glyn & B.Sutcliffe
British Social Attitudes the 1985 Report – R.Jowell & S.Witherspoon
British Trade Unions – N.Bargu
Building: Teamwork or Conflict? – L.G.Bayley
Burns – W.Beattie & H.Meikle
Bury The Chains – A.Hochschild
Can The Workers Run industry? – K.Coates
Captive State – G.Monbiot
Citizen Ken – J.Carvel
Class Struggles In Eastern Europe – C.Harman
Climate Matters – J.Broome
Collective Bargaining – A.Flanders
Combat Camera – C.Hill
Common Sense – T.Benn
Companero – J.Castaneda
Conversations With Stalin – M.Djilas
Cuba For Beginners – P.Ruis
Dancing With Dogma – I.Gilmour
Democracy – A.Arblaster
Democratising The Global Economy – K.Danaher
Diversity and the Economy – T.Pitch
Divided Britain – R.Hudson & A.Williams
Divided Ulster – L.de Paor
Eat You Genes – S.Nottingham
Edible Cities – J.Anger et al
Egypt On The Brink – T.Osman
English Overseas Trade 1500 -1700 – R.Davis
Essentials of Merchants Law – K.Smith & D.Keenan
Fast Food Nation – E.Schlosser
Fat Cats & Running Dogs – V.Prashad
From Beirut to Jerusalem – S. Chai Ang
Get It On – J.Drinkwater
Globalize This! – K.Danaher & R.Burbach
Growing The Economy – The Smith Institute
Guantanamo – D.Rose
How The Other Half Dies – S.George
How to Win The Class War – S.George
How to Win The Class War – S.George
Idiot Nation – M.Moore
I’m Not The Only One – G.Galloway
India Today and Tomorrow – R.Palme Dutt
Industrial Relations Handbook – ACAS
Inequality – T&GWU
Iran – H.Dabashi
Ireland Since the Famine – F.S.L.Lyons
Irish Politics Today – N.Collins & F.McCann
It’s The Political Economy, Stupid – G.Sholette & O.Ressler
June ’36 – J.Danos & M.Gibelin
Labour Research Department Booklets
Labour Research Department Booklets
Labour Research Department Booklets
Law & The Rise of Capitalism – M Tigar & M Levy
Law at Work 2008 – Unite
Lodz Ghetto – A.Adelson & Robert Lapides
Lord of The Flies – William Golding
Low Pay & How to End It: A Union View
Manufacturing Consent – E.Herman & N.Chomsky
Mao and China – S.Karnow
Mao Tse Tung – S.Schram
Marxist Economics For Socialists – J.Harrison
Medical Aspects of Fitness To Drive
Militant Managers – G.Bamber
Modern Bureaucracy – E.Russell-Smith
Murder In Samarkand – C.Murray
Nagasaki – C.Collie
Nationalized Industries – G.L.Reid & K.Allen
No Conceivable Injury – R.Milliken
No Logo – N.Klein
No War – N.Klein
Not One More Mother’s Child – C.Sheehan
Off The Rails – A.Murray
Off The Rails – A.Murray
On Television – S.Hood
On The Perimeter – C.Blackwood
Operation Defensive Shield – M.Hamzeh & T.May
Organising Things – S.Ward
Part of My Soul – W.Mandela
Partners for Progress- Liberal Research Department
Political Ideas – D.Thomson
Portrait of a Passion – J.Cook & C.Kaufman
Post Capitalist Society – P.Drucker
Power In Trade Unions – V.L.Allen
Productive Partnerships – T.Pitch
Productivity Bargaining – E.O.Smith
Promised Land – A.Clavane
Protest and Survive – E.P.Thompson & D.Smith
Public Service Reform….But Not As We Know It – Compass
Radical Aristocrats – K.Fuller
Really Bad News – Glasgow University Media Group
Regime Unchanged – M.Rai
Rich Britain – S.Lansley
Rights at Work – J.McMullen
Rights at Work – J.McMullen
Rights at Work – J.McMullen
Riot! – I.Hernon
Rogue States – N.Chomsky
Ruth First & Joe Slovo In The War Against Apartheid – A.Weider
Saddam Hussein: The Politics of Revenge – S.K.Aburish
Saludos Camarados CD
Say It Loud – B.Richardson
Sharpen The Sickle – R.Groves
Socialism & Left Unity – P.Taafe
Socialism In One Country – E.H Carr
Solid Labour – J.Grayson
Solidarity – D.Featherstone
South Africa Between Reform and Revolution – A.Callinicos
Spain: Dictator to Democracy – R.Carr & J.P.Fusi
Spycatcher – P.Wright
State Intervention In Industry – Spokesman
Still Seeing Red – J.K.White
Still Suitable For Miners – B.Bragg
Street Music – M.Marqusee
Street Music – M.Marqusee
Strikes – R.Hyman
TGWU Report And Account 1980
TGWU Report And Balance Sheet 1974
The Alternative Economic Strategy – CSE London Working Group
The Awkward Warrior – G.Goodman
The Battle For The Labour Party – D&M.Kogan
The Battle of Venezuela – M.McCaughan
The Boer War – T.Pakenham
The British Economic Disaster – A.Glyn & J.Harrison
The Case For Labour – A.Mitchell
The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal – Amnesty International
The Colour of Justice – R. Norton-Taylor
The Crisis of Labour – D.Coates
The Culture of Contentment – J.K.Galbraith
The Doctrine of DNA – R.C.Lewontin
The End of Poverty – J.Sachs
The End of The World – Rvd Billy
The Endless Crisis – J.Foster & R.McChesney
The Enlightenment – N.Hampson
The Frontier of Control – R.Hyman
The Future of The Left – J.Curran
The Future of the Trade Unions – R.Taylor
The Hand Written Letetr Project – C.Oldham
The Hazards of Work: How To Fight Them: How to Fight Them –  P.Kinnersly
The Immigrants – H.East
The Labour Government – H.Wilson
The Labour Movement & The Internet – E.Lee
The Lucas Plan – H.Wainwright & D.Elliot
The Lugano Report – S.George
The Making of Global Capitalism – L.Panitch & S.Gindin
The National Front – M.Walker
The Night Shift – I.Newton
The No Nonsense Guide To Globalization – W.Ellwood
The Peterloo Massacre – J.Marlow
The Political Thought of Mao Tse Tung – S.Schram
The Politics of Harold Wilson – P.Foot
The Politics of Local Socialism – J.Gyford
The Politics of Thatcherism – S.Hall & M.Jacques
The Poverty Of Capitalism – J.Hilary
The Sleaze File – J.Cook
The State In Capitalist Society – R.Miliband
The State of Black Britain – A.Haynes
The State of Black Britain – A.Haynes
The State, Capital and Economic Policy –S.de Brunhof
The Strikers Moneyguide – A.Dunn
The Strikers Moneyguide – A.Dunn
The T&G Story – A.Murray
The T&G Story – A.Murray
The Trade Unions – H.Williamson
The TUC Overseas – M.Nicholson
The Union Makes Us Strong – T.Lane
The Village Labourer – J.L & B Hammond
The Western Soviets – D.Glockstein
The Will of The Many – Marianne Maeckelbergh
The Workers Union – R.Hyman
The Zero Marginal Cost Society – J.Rifkin
Through Our Eyes – I.Tatelbaum
Tinderbox – S.Zunes
To Him Who Hath – F.Field et al
Tous Les Droits De L’Assure Social – CGT
Towards A New Regional Policy – The Smith Institute
Toxic, Corrosive & Hazardous – Unite/TUC
Trade Union Branch Officers Manual – T.Corfield & E.McCulloch
Trade Unions – W.E.J.McCarthy
Trade Unions in The Developed Economies – E.O.Smith
Transport & General Workers Union – J.L.Jones
TUC Yearbook of Industry and Services 1982
Understanding Pension Schemes – M.Oldfield
Unemployment: Who Pays The Price – L.Burghes & R.Lister
Unfree In Palestine – N.Abu-Zahra & A.Kay
Union Man: An Autobiography – J.Jones
Using The Media – D.MacShane
Using The Media – D.MacShane
Very Nice Work – Spokesman
Weapons of Mass Deception – S.Rampton & J.Stauber
Weighing Up – G.Scales
Where There’s Life – K.Dayus
Who Rules Britain? – J.Scott
Wind In The Tower – H.Suyin
Women In The First Capitalist Society – M.George
Women’s Rights – A.Coote & T.Gill
Work Measurement & Cost Control – C.F.Graham
Worker Sit-ins & Job Protection – J.Greenwood