Hi all Freedom Ride supporters.

Happy New Year to everyone (we can always hope!)

A reminder that our next planning meeting is this Thursday 15th January 11am Barnsley Library.

The Passenger Transport Executive have begun the New Year with customary arrogance.

In spite of a brilliant Freedom Ride lobby of 40 outside their meeting last Monday and good arguments put forward by Tony they ignored all the evidence from our consultation last year.

It is true that they backed off from cutting our concessions any more this year which shows they knew that would have created mass protests.

But they have not met any of our suggestions about how to look for a compromise and they have made cuts which affect everyone. The ending of printed timetables will be a serious concern to all those who have no access to the internet which includes many elderly. The cutting of cleaning facilities at the interchanges and bus stops will make the travelling experience worse for all of us.

On Thursday we can look at plans for the Freedom Rides this year. Apart from still campaigning about the train travel a number of people have suggested issues around bus travel, particularly looking at the issue of not being able to use passes until 9.30am.

Finally, thanks to those who turned out at stations on January 5th to leaflet against the train fare increases as part of the national campaign. 35 stations were leafleted around the country. People everywhere are starting to stand up for better treatment on public transport across the country.

Hope to see many of you on Thursday,