Steve Jeffery the Doncaster Geo Branch Sec took the bold decision to hold a weekend Education School in Scarborough incorporating their Branch meeting.  The event was attended by 20 people from all sections of the branch. David Condliffe (NEYH Learning Organiser) ran sessions on Leadership and Learning and Organising. Steve Clark (NEYH Full Time Officer) attended and gave a Regional update on activity and the branch/region interface.  Gareth Lane (Branch Sec South Yorkshire Community Branch) delivered an inspirational session on Community activities.  This format proved successful in galvanising all sections of the branch:  Industrial –Community – Retired, to come together to agree a set of goals which builds and strengthens the branch in 2014. Funding was given by the Branch to Doncaster and South Yorkshire Community Branches. Furthermore, funding was agreed to create 2 Branch banners to symbolise the activities of the Unite branch in Doncaster.  These actions will ensure that the branch is active in work and in the wider community of Doncaster.


‘’The chance for us all to spend the weekend together allowed us not only to learn and to get a lot of branch business done, but most important for all sections to come together for the benefit of our members in and out of work” S. Jeffery

The feedback from the delegates was overwhelmingly that the weekend School should be an annual event.

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Would a weekend school assist  YOUR BRANCH??

Please contact David Condliffe 07791113806 – for more information.