Monday 9th December – 6.30pm at St Matthews Church, Calver St, Sheffield S1 4FS

A zero hours contract is a contract where the employee is given no guaranteed amount of working hours. Workers on zero hours contracts have no guaranteed pay they can be hired an fired at will and aren’t entitled to sick pay.
They have become a normality in many workplaces and are being used to attack the rights of workers across the country from call centres and care work to the public sector.
We need to build a broad campaign against zero hours contracts and fight for real contracts with guaranteed hours and guaranteed pay for all.
At the Hovis bakery in wigan workers went on strike when the bosses tried to bring in zero hours contracts and they won, we need to take a lead from them and start a united campaign in defence of workers rights and to put an end to zero hours contracts everywhere.
Come and be part of the discussion on how we fight against zero hours contracts in sheffield!

Email: Facebook: Sheffield no zero hours
Telephone: 07954271582

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