Pizza Express – Fair Tips Campaign Get Involved!

Congratulations to the activists who staged the first ‘Meal of Justice’ at Pizza Express. As part of the campaign to get Pizza Express to stop deducting a 8% ‘admin’ charge from tips paid by card Unite will be holding mini occupations of Pizza Express restaurants.
How does it work? It’s simple:

  1. have a meal at Pizza Express
  2. Pay the tip in cash
  3. Stand on chair and explain to the other diners that pizza Express take 8% from card tips and ask them to tip in cash. (Most people assume the tip goes to the staff).

There will be many more Meals of Justice at Pizza Express and as they are not the only ones at it – Côte Brasserrie, who take all the tips (see Evening Standard )


This campaign links with the call for workers to be paid the Living Wage.


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Davey Hopper From the Durham Miners Gala, on Corbyn.

Lots of People are worried that their ballot paper hasn’t shown up yet here is the latest from the Labour Party …………….

To make sure this is a fair and independent election, the Electoral Reform services are administering the ballot on behalf of the Labour Party.

The Electoral Reform Services are sending out ballots over the next couple of weeks. Emails will come from ‘’.  If you haven’t received your ballot by 1 September then please let us know at and we will resend it.

People who applied to become members, registered supporters or affiliated supporters close to the final registration deadline (12 August) may not receive their ballot until the end of August. If you haven’t receive a ballot by 1 September please get in touch via Alternatively you can call us on 0845 092 22 99.

Once you’ve received your ballot you can vote online at

You have until 12pm (noon) on Thursday 10 September to cast your vote.

For Members:

You will receive a paper ballot in the post, and an email containing a link and two-part security details to vote online if we have an email address for you. You can choose how to vote, but only one set of votes will be counted.

Changed address recently? Fill out this form to let us know and we will make sure your ballot gets sent to the correct address.

For Registered Supporters (supporters who have paid £3 to register themselves):

You will receive an email containing a link and two-part security details to vote online. You will only be able to vote online.

Affiliated Supporters (supporters who have registered as supporters through an affiliated organisation, for example a trade union):

If we have your email address, you will receive an email containing a link and two-part security details to vote online. You will not receive a postal ballot paper and will need to vote online.

If we don’t have your email address, you will receive a ballot paper in the post. You can vote using this ballot paper by post or online.

Barnsley Unite Community Center ESOL Classes

No matter what you read or hear in the main stream media, Trade Unions have always existed to help others in society and Unite Community is doing just that in our center with our ESOL Classes. Much of the provision to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Barnsley has been cut back or just does not exist at all now due to Austerity.

See below a brief report an a couple of photos from our weekly class, and don’t forget to check out our Computer Class, Radical Library and Welfare Advice!

“Busy morning at the Barnsley Community Support Centre first ESOL session after a 3 week break, 12 learners, 6 of them new, all very enthusiastic”

esol 1

esol 2


If you are a Labour Party member or affiliated/supporter, your ballot in the leadership election should have arrived today or within the next few days. For registered and affiliated supporters this will be by email (unless you do not have an email address) so please check your inbox!
corbyn 2
United Left is supporting Jeremy Corbyn. UNITE Executive Council recommendation is also to vote for Jeremy. If you want to use your second preference then UNITE’s recommendation is to vote for Andy Burnham as your second choice. Please see attached UL statement explaining why we think Jeremy Corbyn is the best choice.
For Deputy Leader please choose between Angela Eagle and Tom Watson. Whoever you choose as first choice please place the other as second choice.
These are crucially important elections which really could change the face of Labour Party and indeed British politics! But that’s only if the Labour Left vote turns out and delivers!

Martin Mayer
Chair United Left

United Left is the left shop stewards network in UNITE the Union

United Left Statement on Support for Corbyn



The progressive left network in UNITE the Union





 for Labour Leader


United Left, the highly influential left network of shop stewards and activists in UNITE The Union*, urges all trade unionists, their families and friends to participate in the forthcoming ballot for Labour Leader and cast their vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Union members who are not Labour Party members can have a vote if they become “affiliated supporters”, if – like UNITE – they are members of a trade union affiliated to the Labour Party. Contact your shop steward or full time officer, go on your union’s website or use the Unions Together website


Members of unions not affiliated to the Labour Party, and family members and friends who are not in a union can have a vote by becoming a “registered supporter” for £3. This can be done online using the Labour Party website


In both cases, you will need to sign a declaration that you support Labour values and are not in a political party opposed to the Labour Party. Registration closes 12th Aug



We urge a vote for Jeremy Corbyn because he is the only candidate who stands for a return of the Labour Party to working class values; for an end to austerity; for trade union rights; for an economy that works for ordinary people; for fairness and justice; for peace and international solidarity.


We reject the criticism that a vote for Jeremy as Leader will alienate the voters and cast Labour into the wilderness for decades. On the contrary, there is huge support in the country for a return to a genuine centre-left agenda. The massive surge of interest and support for Jeremy’s campaign is witness to that. By contrast the other contenders have run uninspiring campaigns with no new policies except a lurch back to the right. A return to the policies of New Labour will be disastrous for Labour’s chances in the 2020 election.


People are fed up with thirty years of right wing neo-liberal politics which have seen:

  • Working class living standards decline in real terms, so that today there are 5M jobs on minimum wage, 4.5M in bogus self-employment and countless numbers on zero hours contracts
  • Trade unions and collective bargaining marginalised and attacked. Only Jeremy Corbyn understands the need for Labour to embrace trade unions and stand up for our rights in a free and democratic society
  • Public services privatised including the Post Office, utilities and public transport, and now our NHS! Opinion polls have consistently shown majority support for a return to public ownership.
  • A housing crisis that puts a decent home out of reach for working class families. Council houses have been sold off and private rents are sky high
  • A welfare state all but dismantled, pushing millions into real poverty and reliance on food banks here in one of the richest countries in the world
  • A massive increase in the gap between rich and poor unequalled anywhere else in Europe, with a seemingly never ending programme of tax cuts for the rich and big business
  • Pensions attacked and a culture of “work till you drop” with millions facing poverty and deprivation in old age
  • A deregulated labour market that permits employers to exploit low cost foreign workers in place of workers who live here, fuelling racism, fascism and Islamophobia.


People are fed up with a Labour Party which has no answers to the above. We don’t want a Labour Party that supports “austerity-lite”; that can’t even vote against Tory welfare cuts; that supports yet further pay restraint for public sector workers; that has no answers to the housing crisis affecting working class households across the country; that is embarrassed by its trade union connections and won’t reverse anti-union laws.

corbyn 3


Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate who says there is an alternative to austerity.

Austerity means massive spending cuts on vital public services and welfare, making the poorest in our society pay for a crisis not of our making. But this depresses the economy, reducing tax receipts and increasing public spending on poverty and unemployment. Instead we should be investing in our economy, getting businesses working again and creating jobs. This would generate tax receipts and reduce spending on welfare – and reduce the deficit.


We CAN reclaim the missing tax billions (estimated to exceed £100B a year in taxes evaded or avoided by big business and wealthy individuals, or simply uncollected by an under-resourced Inland Revenue ravaged by senseless public sector job cuts).


We CAN create a public investment bank to invest in our infrastructure, new council homes, public transport, renewable energy, insulation and much more, using the public sector as the motor for recovery.


We CAN create decent well- paid jobs and place orders with private sector businesses which will generate tax receipts for the Treasury and reduce public spending on welfare benefits as we raise people out of poverty.


We CAN offer a vision of hope for working people under a Labour Government, but it’s good for business too. Indeed it’s a much surer way of paying off the deficit than the destructive and divisive right wing policy of austerity.


There is a brighter future under Labour. Vote for Jeremy Corbyn!


Note for Editors:

United Left is an informal network of shop stewards and lay activists, but also includes full time officials. It is the largest broad left organisation in any union in the country. It campaigns for a strong fighting back trade union delivering for its members and for a left voice on political issues that affect working class people. It leads and influences the debate over policy within and without the union. United Left also supports candidates in union elections including for General Secretary and for the UNITE Executive Council (46 of the 63 members are United Left supporters).


Jeremy Corbyn addressed the United Left national supporters meeting in Manchester on Saturday 25th July.


For comment please contact Martin Mayer United Left Chair  email

Demonstrate At The Tory Party Conference

We’ll be hosting a week of National protests at the Tory party conference. More details will be coming soon, keep an eye on this page.

Transport to Manchester


October 04, 2015 at 12pm – October 08, 2015
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Manchester Central Convention Complex
Windmill St
Manchester M2 3GX
United Kingdom
Google map and directions

Coaches to Tory party conference demo.

The TUC called Oct. 4th demonstration outside the Tory party conference in Manchester is getting  a fantastic response. The first Trades Council coach is half full already.

The coaches will pick up on Eldon Street at 9.30am. Ticket prices are £8 waged ; £3 students/unwaged. Phone 07594857960 to buy tickets.

Freedom Riders: Three things in a week

Just a reminder of some exciting things going off this week.

First: This Saturday is the Wortley Festival where we have a Freedom Rider stall. We have lots of leaflets, badges and t-shirts to use there. It is always a very impressive range of stalls – a great day out even without our stall! We shall be setting the stall up from mid morning but the event runs from 1pm to 5pm.

If you are using a bus the 23 leaves Barnsley at 12.55 and arrives Wortley 13.25

A return bus leaves Wortley 16.30 and arrives back about 17.00 – buses only run every two hours.

You will be more than welcome if you can join us.

Second: Tuesday 18th at 10.30am we are having a rally at Barnsley train station as part of the national protest at train fare rise announcements. A good chance to rally in Barnsley again so they don’t forget us!

Third: Thursday 20th at 11am Barnsley library the next Freedom Rider planning meeting.

Sports Direct urged to tackle ‘Victorian’ work practices and pay the real living wage

Britain’s largest union, Unite urged the highly profitable Sports Direct to clampdown on ‘Victorian’ work practices today (Friday 7 August), as it submitted a pay claim on behalf of workers at its Shirebrook headquarters and warehouse in Derbyshire.

The union, which represents permanent warehouse workers on the site, is calling on Sports Direct to move zero hours agency workers onto permanent contracts and pay the real living wage of £7.85 per hour.

Unite estimates that only 300 out of the 3,000 plus workers at the Shirebrook depot actually have permanent contracts with Sports Direct with the majority on zero hour contracts with two employment agencies – Best Connection and Transline.

Working conditions in depot are underpinned by a ‘six strikes and you’re out’ disciplinary procedure which have been described as ‘draconian’ and likened to a ‘workhouse’ by the union. Under the procedure agency workers can get ‘strikes’ for taking too long in the toilet, talking too much or even having time off for sickness.

With latest figures for the Sports Direct showing a 7.4 per cent increase in gross profit to £1.155 billion, the union warned the retailer that it couldn’t plead poverty and needed to start weaning itself of its addiction to low paid zero hours work.

Over 70 per cent of the workers in stores across the UK are on a low paid zero hours contract, according to latest estimates.

Commenting Unite regional officer Luke Primarolo said: “Agency workers on zero hour contracts are being subjected to working conditions at Sports Direct that are more akin to a workhouse than a FTSE 100 company.

“These Victorian era work practices where workers eke out minimum wage living in constant fear of losing their job have no place in 21st Britain.

“Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct is generating massive profits and can well afford to wean itself off a business model built on low pay and exploitative zero hours contracts.

“It’s time for Sports Direct to restore dignity and security at work by paying the real living wage and putting staff on permanent contracts.”


Why we need a Welfare Charter

The United Kingdom is one of the richest nations on earth, yet over 1 million people use foodbanks, more than a quarter of children live in poverty and 5.5 million adults go without one or more basic clothing necessities, like a warm, waterproof coat. We can end poverty in this country.

There is no place for a system that sees pushing people into poverty, the threat of hunger and eviction as a legitimate punishment for not being in work. We need a social security system that enables everyone to have a safe, warm home, good food, proper clothing and being able to participate in society.

1.A political commitment to full employment achieved with decent jobs

2. A wage you can live on for all and a social security system that works to end poverty

3. No work conscription – keep volunteering voluntary

4. Representation for unemployed workers

5. Appoint an Ombudsman for claimants

6. Equality in the labour market and workplace; equality in access to benefits.

7. An end to the sanctions regime and current Work Capability Assessment – full maintenance for the unemployed and underemployed.

8. State provision of high quality information, advice and guidance on employment, training and careers

For more details, view the PDF leaflet: 710X_WelfareCharter_A5_2

Yorkshire Main Heritage Trust

This September will mark the 30th anniversary of the closure of Yorkshire Main Colliery. This changed our Village from a thriving vibrant community to one that was unrecognisable. The strong community cohesion achieved during the life of the ceolliery, and supported by our local institutions, soon began to unravel. We all witnessed the infrastructure crumbling year after year, with the green shoots of recovery taking over 25 years to emerge from the burned out housing estates.

On Saturday September 5th, the Heritage Trust are holding an event in the Miners Memorial Garden, followed by entertainment in Edlington Top Club. We will be unveiling and presenting to the Community a replica of the Unions 1920 Banner funded by the Heritage Lottery fund. This was made with the support of Northern Banners and used art work provided by students from Sir Thomas Wharton Community College. Strap lines for the Banner poles have been provided by the family of primary schools.

We will also be presenting a Timeline of the Collieries proud history imbedded in to the large stone in the corner of the garden. This was sponsored by Keepmoat, and will be supplemented by a piece of Pit Art sponsored by Profab Engineering.

During the event in the Garden, entertainment will be provided by City of Sheffield Pipe Band, Charlotte Leese vocalist, plus performances by local community groups.

Speakers at the event will be Michael Dugher MP, Tosh McDonald, President of ASLEF, former Edlington residents & Chris Skidmore, Chairman Yorkshire Area NUM & David Douglass, author & former NUM official.

Following the event in the garden a reunion will be held in the Top Club, with folk music & a Gig supported by top bands for the younger generation.

On site catering will be available in the car park adjacent to the club.

Bringing back the Collective Spirit – Keep the Faith

release poster event