Two important events this Saturday that need your support!


Saturday 18th July 10.30am
Outside Sheffield Town Hall
Come along, protest and find out more about the dangers of TTIP


Another major GMB Greenco Rally in support of GMB Recycling Workers
Speakers include Sheffield Heeley MP Louise Haigh
Saturday 18th July, 12pm — 2pm, Blackstock Green Co, S14 1JE (outside the Horse and Groom pub)

Please come and show your support for GMB Recycing Workers who face bullying and intimidation, have had both shop stewards sacked, have had their agreement on the Living Wage broken and promises of decent washing and toilet facilities torn up. these are the workers who look after and operate the City’s 5 recycling centres – on a sub-contract run by so-called charity Greenco!

It’s vitally important that Sheffield#s trade unionists and citizens show their support and publicise their case. That’s why the GMB and Sheffield Trade Union Council are calling a series of rallies at diferent sites across the city. Last month it was Shirecliffe – this month it’s Balckstock Road on Gleadless valley estate.

Public transport: from city centre use 48 to Herdings or 79/79A to Jordanthorpe


Download the Green Co flyer here: Green Co Leaflet July 18

Sheff Save Our NHS 18.07.15

The Passion and the Color

This article by Mark Metcalf originally appear on UniteLive.

Durham Miners’ Gala shows clear support for Corbyn

It was cheers all round for Unite general secretary Len McCluskey when he announced at Saturday’s (July 11) 150,000 strong Durham Miners’ Gala that, “Unite has signed up 50,000 of our members to take part in the Labour Party leadership election.”

Unite is backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader. The Islington North MP with his clear opposition to austerity was asked to speak by the gala organisers, the Durham Miners’ Association.

He did not disappoint the crowd, making a passionate case against austerity and anyone blaming migrants when “the way forward is unity in struggle.”

‘It can be done’

He said he was in favour of “workers’ and trade union rights, collective bargaining and a society of full employment, decency and human rights that eliminates poverty here and elsewhere. It can be done.” The response of the crowd to Jeremy was a resounding yes.

In fact all the Gala speakers made clear they hoped to see Jeremy Corbyn become Labour leader in September.

They included FBU general secretary, Matt Wrack, who attacked the government’s hypocrisy for having praised the essential services on the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist attacks last Tuesday only to “impose on Wednesday greater hardships on public sector workers by announcing an annual one per cent pay deal for the next four years.”

Journalist and author Owen Jones argued, “Labour didn’t offer an inspiring alternative or challenge the myth that the crisis was caused because the last Labour government spent too much on schools and hospitals.

“Yet the Tories have overseen the weakest economic recovery ever. Failure has become success because of a supine media and weak opposition. I back Jeremy Corbyn, a man of conviction who has been repeatedly vindicated for his stand on initially unpopular causes such as lesbian and gay rights.”

But it was Len McCluskey who received the greatest cheering when he announced that 50,000 members had signed up to take part in the Labour leadership election.

“That number grows daily as workers from all industries get involved.

Correct decision

“When Unite backed Jeremy Corbyn I expected the Daily Mail attacks but it was the ferocity of the attack by some in the Labour Party that confirmed we had taken the correct decision.

“Is it extreme to oppose zero hours contracts and an illegal war? Jeremy stands for the values of our age of equality, decency, fairness and social justice.”

The speeches followed the traditional march through the ancient cobbled streets of Durham City. The gala first started in 1871 and Saturday’s was the 131st and largest in many years.


Unite Brass Band


The magnificent Castle and Cathedral provided a fitting background for a magnificent display of over 100 trade union and Labour movement banners that were accompanied by booming brass bands, including Unite’s (pictured).

New banners included one from the Teesside Construction Committee, formed by Unite and GMB members to oppose moves by SITASembcorp at Redcar to slash construction workers pay and employment opportunities on a new waste to energy project.


Tony Seaman, sacked Advanced Scaffolder, now blacklisted.


Hundreds of construction workers have joined Friday morning protests at the site for over three months. Unite member Tony Seaman (pictured), an advanced scaffolder denied work at Redcar, was attending his first gala.

He said, “I am amazed by the numbers, the passion and colour of the occasion. This won’t be my last gala.”

Photos from Durham Gala 2

And a few from Brian.

Photos from Durham Gala 1

A few photos from the Durham Miners’ Gala at the weekend.

Barnsley Budget Day Protest

George Osborne kindly popped into Barnsley yesterday and helped to release 300 black balloons, to remember Public Sector job losses in Barnsley Council over the last year.

Community supporting Pizza Express workers

pinchers express meme 2 (2)
Unite has launched a campaign to get Pizza Express to scrap the 8% admin fee it deducts from credit card tips. This meant waiting staff lost £1m last year. We say that the only fair tips policy is one where staff get 100% of customer tips.

We’ve taken action in London with a big protest outside the chain’s flagship restaurant but we now need to take the campaign to high streets across the UK. This is where community can help.

Getting our activists involved in actions

Can you think of any Community branches/members who would be willing to take action in support of Pizza Express workers?  It’s fun, simple and winnable!

We can send you supplies of the materials – attached (including flyers / postcards / placards) with a step by step guide to get their local actions started. Pizza Express has over 400 restaurants on high streets across the UK, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one.  The aim is to build up the campaign over the summer, ending with the ‘meal of justice’. Could the community branches or regions pay for a couple of our members to have a meal – stand up after once they get the Bill and talk to the other customers about some of their tips going to Pizza Express management and not the staff.

To get more info or the materials contact Chanty.

4 step recipe:

Briefly –timeline is flexible, more detail can be found in the attached recipe card.

1.    Find a local Pizza Express restaurant /restaurants to focus the campaign on.

2.    Week 1: Talk to Pizza Express staff about Unite and the campaign. Tell them about what Unite is doing to get the tip tax scrapped / Hand out the workers’ flyer) / Week 2 – pay a follow-up visit to staff.

3.    Week 3: Hold a short, hour long at most protest outside your Pizza Express restaurant(s).

4.     Week 4: Meal of Justice – enjoy a pizza with your team! Now stand up and tell the other customers that you are tipping in cash because you object to PE’s 8% admin fee.

Activists will be encouraged to get active on social media.  Taking pictures and film of their actions (protest and meal of justice) and sharing Unite’s digital content, petition, survey and other shareable content.

Download our campaign postcards: Job 7014-3 Pizza express postcard
Job 7085 Pizza postcard A5

Emergency Budget demo – 8th July

A demonstration is scheduled to take place at Barnsley Town Hall during lunchtime on Wednesday 8th July 2015, in protest against the Chancellor’s austerity budget.

300 black (environmentally friendly) balloons will be released at 12.30pm (prompt) to symbolise the 300 jobs lost in Barnsley Council last year.

Please come along and support the event but please will you also promote the event by distributing the attached flyer amongst your networks and by encouraging your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Download the flyer: July 8th demo

ESOL session

Wednesday was our second ESOL session held at the Quaker House, with our friends from the British Red Cross. The first session we had 3 students, today 8 students and next week we know we will have a minimum of 10 students. We are very pleased with the progress, onwards and upwards!