Saturday 12 September
Barnsley Demonstration and Rally, May Day Green, 1.00pm.

This day of action has been called in response to the unfolding human tragedy across Europe as thousands of refugees flee war, persecution, torture and poverty. Thousands have lost their lives in the process or are living in appalling conditions as they struggle to find a safe haven.

Over 2,400 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean already this year. The shocking picture of baby Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach epitomizes the appalling humanitarian tragedy taking place. But the response of David Cameron and the government to this has been disgraceful.

On Monday 14 September Home Secretary Theresa May will meet with EU leaders to discuss the refugee crisis. We must learn the lessons of history and call on the government to take a humanitarian and compassionate response to refugees, and to meet its share of the responsibility for providing protection.

Let’s send a strong message: We say refugees are welcome here.

Download the flyer: Refugees_welcome_here_NATIONAL_A5