Another great day. Threats of thunderstorms; many people taking part in a demonstration against the English Defence League in Hexthorpe; many others demonstrating in Sheffield and Rotherham about the tragedy in Gaza yet we still had over 100 turned up for the Barnsley demonstration. Large numbers wearing the Freedom Ride t-shirts, banners and placards and lots of singing and chanting made a great impression.

One of our supporters has been fined £150 by Northern Rail for travelling without a ticket. Over £150 was collected at our rally, quite a bit given by people passing by and hearing what had happened.

Tosh McDonald from ASLEF turned up to give his union’s support again at a very enthusiastic rally outside the bus station.

We had a symbolic walk round to the platform where Northern Rail got into a panic, trying to lock the gate.

The rally agreed that the next Freedom Ride will be on Monday 28th July at 11am at Barnsley train station.

Barnsley Council is meeting this Thursday at 10.30am and they will have the minutes of the transport committee on the agenda which made the decision about changing the concessions. We are having a lobby outside the town hall from 9.30am, come along at whatever time you can manage. And contact your local councilors before Thursday – ask them to stop and speak to us outside to discuss our ideas for returning the train concessions. We want them to say whether they support us.

At 11am on Thursday we have an open planning meeting at Barnsley library – come along if you can.

A number of people have put in complaints about what happened to them at Sheffield station. Let me know if you have done that as well. I have details of what to do in making a complaint if you want to make one.