Stay safe on board with a First Safe Journey Card

The Safe Journey Cards has been designed specifically with the needs of many of our customers in mind.

They let you tell the driver know that you need some extra help to make your journey on the bus. It may be that you need more time to reach your seat or that you want the driver to speak up because you are hard of hearing. Whatever your need, you can use these cards to let the driver know in a private and discreet way – there are even blank spaces for you to fill in yourself for details of your destination or special instructions.

Disabled customers may also want to carry a Better Journey Card

This card has been designed following consultation with disability groups around the UK, and is intended to give disabled people a way of letting the driver know that they may need additional help. It includes messages such as ‘Please be patient I have a hidden disability’, ‘Please face me and speak clearly I lip read’, and ‘Please help me find a seat’. There are also some blank spaces for you to use if you want to include a different message.

Using the Better Journey and Safe Journey cards is simple

  • You can download either card using the links at the bottom of the page
  • There are several different messages on each card, so you simply choose the one that best suits your particular needs and then cut out or fold the card so that the message you want is visible
  • Keep the card in your wallet or travel pass and when you get on the bus show it to the driver
  • The driver should then offer you the necessary assistance

Carrying these cards is voluntary – you do not need to use one if you don’t want to, but you may find it a useful way of asking for any assistance you may need.