Spectemur Agendo’ is a Latin motto meaning, ‘let us be judged by our acts’.

Ched Evans is moving to a league one team tomorrow lets make sure we live up to our motto at Barnsley Football Club, ‘Spectemur Agendo’. No Rapists at BFC!

Nothing discredits capitalism better than those who say they support it! In fact it’s pretty clear the people most likely to believe in the principal of the free-market are those who do so only when it best suits them.

Perhaps someone should explain to Jim Phipps that he wasn’t actually “not able” to do what the Sheffield United board wanted to do; he wasn’t stopped by any law or any other power that forbade him from signing Ched Evans; he simply backed down in the face of individuals making a personal, or business, decision that people like him are generally in favour of (Phipps describes himself as an “entrepreneur” – the supposed backbone of capitalism and the kind of person who rails against outside influence upon their life such as that from government or the kind of protest we have seen in the face of Evans’ return to Sheff Utd).

Paul Heaton, Jessica Ennis and United’s shirt sponsor DBL didn’t hold a gun against Phipps’ head and tell him “no”, the “mob-like behaviour” that he described didn’t involve death-threats, violence or civil-disobedience. Those in protest simply said they would, personally or as a business entity, no longer support the club in their various ways were the club to allow Evans to continue to train with the squad or if the club even thought about signing him.

Normally “entrepreneurs” like Phipps would be all in favour of individuals or businesses being free to make a personal decision and would defend their right to do so; after all, individual and corporate freedom is the edifice upon which capitalism is supposedly built. It’s notable that the likes of Phipps are not half as vocal when personal freedom means businesses cutting wages or companies charging extortion rates for basic essentials so why all the fuss now?

Basically, he’s panicked: at the thought of the loss of sponsorship or potential revenue he’s made the decision that best keeps money flowing into the club.However, he was never actually “not able” to do anything – after all, it’s the free-market, he could’ve quite easily ignored the protests and signed Evans regardless, no one or no law could’ve stopped him. Of course, that might’ve cost him a few quid, mind you, hence his decision.

Perhaps Phipps should look up exactly what being forced, compelled or physically coerced actually means: one example I could offer is the concept of rape; making a conscious decision to do something rather than something else simply because it’s more profitable doesn’t really come close to that, it isn’t quite the same as being “forced”.

So, here we have yet another example of “capitalists” thinking their system is the best thing since sliced bread when they’re lining their pockets but whinging, whining and tantrumming like toddlers when the system they supposedly love doesn’t give them exactly what they want. It says on Phipps’ LinkedIn profile that he does a lot of work in Saudi Arabia – there’s evidence to suggest that, in that part of the world, they’re a bit more laid-back about rape and rapists (often blaming the victim rather than the rapist, pretty much like those who support Evans) – maybe he’d be a little more comfortable in a society that’s much less free and allows the likes of Evans to come and go as he pleases without any complaint.

So, to paraphrase an oft-quoted jibe aimed at us socialists, if you don’t like freedom, Phipps, go and live in Saudi / Iran / UAE or wherever they have a basic enough system your simple, hypocritical mind can understand – you won’t be missed…

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