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Defy the Tory Trade Union Laws


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Last night saw another fantastic meeting in the Miners Hall organised by the Barnsley Trades Council with speeches from Steve Turner, Tosh McDonald, Jane Aitchison and Brian Steele.

Steve Turner Unite Assistant General Secretary and head of Unite Community talked about the necessity to build a broad coalition to defeat the Tories, he talked about the importance of building strong political, Industrial and community strength so we are able to stop the Government attacks on our class.

He finished his speech by saying that if laws were put in place that are unjust laws then we would be forced to break those laws, “we have a duty to stand up for what is right and we will follow in the tradition that has gone before whether that’s like the suffragettes or those who for for civil rights bad laws are made for breaking.”

Barnsley Trades Council Trade Union a Bill Meeting

Barnsley Trades Council had a 50 strong public meeting last night with Ian Hodson of BFAWU and Liz Lawrence of UCU speaking. It was a good start to our campaign against the Tory attacks on unions.
We are obviously pushing for a big turnout on November 2nd and are starting building our second public meeting entitled “Defy the Tory anti-union Laws” with Steve Turner and Tosh McDonald speaking. It will be in the Yorkshire Miners Hall, Victoria Road at 7pm on Wed. Nov. 18th.Flyers should be available soon.

Fighting the anti-union laws

We’ve had a very positive response to the proposal for a protest/rally against the anti-union laws on Tues. 13th October at 5pm on the Town Hall steps below the fountains. It is timed to coincide with the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group protest and rally in London. We will issue a press release on that basis.

Barnsley College UCU have agreed to ‘chair’ the protest/rally and I urge all unions to bring union flags/banners and placards opposing the anti-union laws. I hope union representatives or individuals will speak too.

Please encourage the maximum number of your members/friends to come. A lively very visual protest  will build on the fantastic turnout in Manchester on Sunday and kickstart a co-ordinated campaign of opposition to the Tories’ Bill in Barnsley.

In solidarity,

Dave Gibson