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What a result!

Following a successful Appeal Tribunal on PIP, Personal Independence Payment taken by Richard Vivian, the outcome for the client was £3,581.43 back payment plus an extra £54.45 per week.

What a result! Well done Richard.

Universal Credit


Richard Vivian, Unite Community activist and Barnsley Unite Community Centre volunteer, delivered a fantastic session today at the Miners Hall on Universal Credit, part of the Government’s Welfare Reform Strategy.

Although Universal Credit has been dogged with problems from start and is running over budget, the Con Dems are pressing ahead with it. The course was designed to highlight the changes how to deal with them and the potential problems our community may face during and after its implementation.

Industrial branch donation

A huge thank you from the Barnsley Unite Community Support Centre to Pegler Yorkshire Branchl NE 405 22, who last night decided to donate £1000 to the Unite/NUM Barnsley Community Centre.

Unite Community fights poverty

barnsley food kitchen

Barnsley Unite Community members support the local soup kitchen. The charity provides over 300 cooked meals a week for the local community, living with poverty. Our community members also help with cooking, cleaning and serving, as well as donating food parcels collected and paid for by our Industrial members. Solidarity!

Unite Community Activist Training

South Yorkshire Unite Community members took part in community activist training today in the historic NUM Headquarters. The Branch is going from strength to strength and taking part in practical support with our welfare advice, as well as political activity and direct action. A fantastic presentation was also given by the community center volunteers about their work in our Center and a session was put on by our organising team, on our Leverage Strategy thanks to all involved. United we are strong.


Bed Room Tax Tool Kit

On 1 April 2013 the Government introduced a ‘Bedroom Tax’ on people viewed by Government as having one or more spare bedrooms. Around 660,000 families will be hit, thousands will lose their homes – some of the worst affected will be carers, people with disabilities and army families.

This short guide offers resources and information to help you appeal against this unfair tax. Up and down the country Unite Community groups are standing together against the Bedroom Tax. A substantial number of those affected by the Bedroom Tax are the least able to defend themselves. If you need help appealing against the Bedroom Tax Unite Community can help you to find community groups and campaigns that can support you and others affected.

Hard Copies Are Available from our Community Centres or contact Joe Rollin direct.

PDF Version: Bedroom tax TOOLKITv3

Women Against Pit Closures

Anne Scargill (Unite Community Member) and the Women Against Pit Closures, organised a fantastic Miners Strike Anniversary event on Saturday the 8th March. The Event was absolutely packed with speakers Maxine Peak, Hillary Wainwright and David Hopper, making passionate speeches about the heroic struggle thirty years ago and linking them to the fight against Austerity today.

It is no accident that Anne and the other Women Against Pit Closures are still at the centre of the Movement today, offering practical solidarity to the communities of Barnsley, with their weekly work in the homeless kitchen and support for our Unite Community Centre. Hillary Wainwright talked of the Importance of building a new movement linking our working members, with our community members and repeated our slogan of “Educate. Organise, Agitate.”

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Barnsley Unite Community supports local foodbank

Barnsley Unite Community activists continued to support their local food bank today with another donation. The Unite team have built up a great relationship with the foodbank over the last year and the community center acts as a voucher point for people to collect. The foodbank refers people up to the center for welfare support and advice.

Practical solidarity in action!
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