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Stand Up To Racism

A message to those opposed to the South Yorkshire Casuals demonstration:

The nature of the South Yorkshire Casuals has been emphasised by the letter in this week’s Chronicle supporting them sent by Daniel Cooke.

Daniel Cooke is a long standing member of the BNP who posed with a replica gun at a BNP St George’s Day party in Rotherham in 2011. In the same year the Chronicle reported that he had been found guilty of criminal damage; he had given an address in Skelmanthorpe but denied knowing the woman who lived there who said she was his girlfriend.

Cooke has always been an unpleasant fantasist so he fits in well with the South Yorkshire Casuals.

The antagonism to the Casuals’ demonstration continues to grow so the meeting we are having in the library on Saturday 5th December at 11am will be important for getting together people who want to make the counter demonstration as large as possible.

A leaflet for both events is attached. Please spread the information as widely as possible.

View the flyer here: Refugees welcome here public meeting 5 Dec

Barnsley Anti-Austerity Demo

Saturday, May 23 at 12:00pm

May Day Green Barnsley

Come and raise your voice against more Tory cuts in Barnsley, that are crippling our local services to the poorest and most vulnerable.

IPCC 2nd Year Anniversary

Friday 14 November will see the second year anniversary of the IPCC’S ‘scoping exercise’ into the evidence surrounding the ‘Battle of Orgreave.’

The OTJC has called for a demonstration outside the London IPCC HQ. We have already put on transport from South Yorkshire, please get in touch to book your seat and lend your support! No Justice! No Peace!


Less than 4 weeks to go!


Working people in the North East Yorkshire & Humberside need a pay rise!

Real wages for workers in the North East Yorkshire & Humberside have shrunk by more than 7% since 2009. But more worrying still the north east now has the highest number of low paid workers in the country.

Enough is enough. We’re taking a stand to demand a pay rise for Britain. Join us in London on Saturday 18 October. Be part of the last mass demo before next year’s general election. Let’s make it big!

In Sunderland and Hull, over a third of all jobs are now low paid, with workers earning below two thirds of the national mid-point for wages. In Grimsby and Doncaster a quarter of workers are low paid. The lack of good jobs and secure employment is sucking even more money out of local economies. Trapping workers on poverty pay is no way to build a recovery.

March with us to call for an end to the longest squeeze on living standards for nearly a century. March for a better Britain, full of hope for ordinary people and the next generation, jobs that pay and affordable homes.

1.4 million strong – Unite members work to make Britain great in every industry across the economy.  Let’s come together now to demand a recovery for all – not just the top per cent.

See you in London!

Best regards,

Karen Reay, Unite regional secretary North East, Yorkshire & Humberside