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Barnsley Don’t Bomb Syria Rally


A very last minute protest against the war in Syria in Barnsley tonight saw about fifty activists and Trade Unionists gather outside the Town Hall, to make there feelings known. Not in our name! How come we have got millions for a pointless destructive war effort but no money for housing, the NHS or to defeat poverty?

Activist News

Weds 2 December: MPs vote on launching air strikes in Syria. Stop the War has called for vigils against war to take place across the country. Barnsley Stop the War will be holding a vigil outside Barnsley Town Hall from 5.00pm till around 5.45pm.

Weds 2 December: ┬áPeople’s Assembly organising meeting 5.30 to 6.30 in the
library. All welcome.

Sat 5 December: public meeting to support refugees is taking place from 11.00am in Barnsley Library. Confirmed speakers include local asylum seekers, and people who visited the Calais refugee camp only a few days ago. The meeting will also discuss plans for the rally opposing the south Yorkshire Casuals march on 12th Dec.

If you haven’t already, please visit the facebook page “I’m From Barnsley and I’m not a racist” and add your support to the more than 600 people who have already “liked” it!