Earlier this week, Unite was proud to co-host with the Daily Mirror a meeting at the Labour Party conference.  This was a special meeting because it was led by those who are at the front line of fighting the cuts.

Jack, a young single mother talked of the struggle to find work and bring up a toddler on a pittance.

Mary, a woman who fears that the full life she currently leads will come to an end when the government withdraws the benefits she receives as a profoundly disabled woman.

And Hetty, who has spent much of her 107 years fighting for social justice and is determindely fighting to save the NHS today.

These women brought those attending the fringe near to tears with their tales of courage in the midst of adversity, and the humanity that compels them to fight for a better world for all should inspire us as we fight to for fainress and decency for the people of our nations.

Please do watch and share.

With many thanks

Unite campaigns team