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Campaign Bootcamp

We discussed this briefly at the last team meeting, it now looks as though Pauline Doyle has struck a deal where we can sponsor four places to Bootcamp.

The organisers are ideally looking for people who are young (I think that is a requirement) from outside the M25, when I spoke to the organisers about 95% of applicants were from London. They are also hoping to increase the number of people from BAME backgrounds and those without a university degree. Though our work we must have some excellent people out there.

The website is – www.campaignbootcamp.org

If you know anyone who is keen to apply or anyone you think should apply please put in touch with me and I can have a chat with them colin.stuart@unitetheunion.org.

Giant Unite Recruitment Posters

Unite Doncaster Geographical Branch unveiled Two new giant Recruitment Posters today at the Doncaster Dome http://www.the-dome.co.uk/ with the aim to spread our message of “solidarity and respect” to the people of Doncaster. The Doncaster Geographical Branch has been actively supporting the Community initiative over the last twelve months and our joint work looks set to continue with our first  educational weekend school in Scarborough January 2014. We are stronger together.

unite poster 1 unite poster 2 unite poster 3 unite poster 4

10 December 2013 Saw A massive Demonstration in Bradford

Mainly the young People of Bradford supported by Unite / Unite Community members were  protesting at the proposed 79% cut to the Bradford Youth Service.

Fantastic Speeches from Unite Reps and the young people themselves. The Young People of Bradford also treated the crowd to anti Austerity Raps and songs! Let’s hope the council see sense and don’t enforce these devastating cuts to young peoples services.

link to Unite Community Here http://www.unitetheunion.org/how-we-help/listofregions/northeastyorkshirehumberside/community-membership/y1 y3 y5 y8 y9 y10 y12

Leeds Stuff Zero Hours Protest

Historical Perspective Breathes Fire into New Campaigns!

‘Wrong Un’, a one women suffragette play, was performed to 21 students at the University of Sheffield  on the 20th November.  Unite Community, Red Ladder and the Students Union worked collaboratively to stage the event. Following the play, a Q&A – which was filmed – took place where Ellie Harris (actor), Barbara Jackson (Unite Community and Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaigner) and Kat Chapman (Students Union Womens’ Officer) were the guest speakers. This thought provoking event provided not only an historical debate but, more importantly, it resulted in a full discussion on campaigning today.  Led by Unite Community, campaigning tools including direct action were  discussed. Future campaigns such as:  Equal Pay, The Living Wage, Human Trafficking and democratic processes were also debated. The event resulted in more people joining the Sheffield University Unite Community Branch. Meetings were arranged to evaluate and progress current campaigns such as the Bedroom Tax and, in light of the discussion, to explore new tactics and new campaigns.

 “Many of the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today only exist because of the struggle and sacrifice made by individuals, groups and organisations who had the courage to stand up and speak out.  These struggles have taken place over hundreds of years – in different countries across the world – and where battles have been won, this has had a direct result in bringing about change to improve the existence of millions of ordinary people in the world of work and in wider society, helping to advance civil society. The only way to maintain the freedoms we enjoy is through a collective voice;  Unite Community is the vehicle our collective voice’’. M.Kelvin

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Public Speaking Short Course

This short film captures a few moments of day two of a Unite public speaking course run in the Barnsley NUM/Unite Community Centre. On day one activists were taken through the techniques of public speaking, delivery, planning structure and content. They then went away with homework to watch some speeches and to prepare a short speech themselves. Day two was made up of the activists, delivering their speeches to their fellow activists from the stage of the main hall. The results were breathtaking.