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Fair tips for waiting staff

Fair tips stamp
We won at Pizza Express! After Unite turned up the heat with a summer of campaigning the popular pizza chain announced (3 September 2015) that it would drop the 8% admin fee from tips left on a card. Giraffe, Ask, Zizzi, Byron Burger and most recently the Casual Dining Group, owners of Bella Italia, Belgo and Cafe Rouge have all said they too will scrap the fee and hand 100% of tips to staff.

But with restaurants like Wahaca, and Jamie’s Italian under fire for deducting a percentage of sales from credit card tips, Prezzo and Strada still swiping a slice as an admin fee and Bill’s restaurant accused of pocketing a large proportion of the service charge, it is clear that we’ve still got some way to go in the fight for fair tips.

Now we need the government to stamp out these rip off practices once and for all. We’ve set down an early day motion in parliament for MPs to get behind.

What you can do to help

You see the problem is that tips paid on a credit card and service charges are the property of the employer. As they own them they can do what they like with them. So until staff are given 100% ownership rights over their hard earned tips with complete control over how they are shared out, rogue employers will continue to cream off staff tips.

  • Please tip in cash – leaving cash means the whole amount will go to the staff (divided between waiters and kitchen staff).
  • Confused by the service charge? Then ask for this to be removed & leave it in cash instead
  • Share your story – Fed up of your employer taking a slice of your hard-earned tips? Tell us about it.
  • Work in the hospitality sector? Then we want to hear from you. Contact us. Get organised with Unite on your side
  • Follow Unite’s hospitality branch on Facebook and Twitter using #FairTips
  • Not in a union? The join Unite – Your union. You voice

Visit the campaign page and view the Fair Tips film here.

THIS SATURDAY! Sheff4Ten – Defend Our Unions

This Saturday 24th Oct – Public meeting
Novotel Sheffield, 1pm -2.30pm

Nick Rudikoff Senior Organiser with Service Employers Industry Union Talks about the great success of the American Union in the Fight for $15 and a union.

Ian Hodson National President of the Bakers Food Allied Workers Union Talks about the Fight for £10 an hour minimum wage and an end to zero hour contracts.

Louise Haigh MP  Labour MP Shadow Digital Minister and star of last week’s question time!

Fast Food worker to talk about conditions in the fast food industry.

Natalie Bennett Leader of the Green Party will join us via video message.

1pm Novotel

Unite with Fast Food Workers

Unite Community members joined the Bakers Union today and took part in a series of demonstrations outside employers such as McDonalds and Starbucks in Sheffield.

These company’s make millions of pounds in profits but still employ workers on the minimum wage and use zero hour contracts. A rally was held after the direct action with speakers from the Bakers Union, the Labour party and other campaign groups.

More information on the bakers union can be found here and the campaign website here.


Fast Food Rights for Workers

SATURDAY 15th FEBRUARY – 12pm -1pm
The Bakers Union (BFAWU). Unite Community Sheffield and Unite the Resistance have teamed up to support workers in the fast food industry.

Recent announcements from these hugely profitable companies regarding their use of unpaid labour and abundant use of zero hours contracts seem to have gone largely unnoticed in the mainstream media.

It would appear that forcing workers into poverty and having them rely on benefits to pay for basics such as rent and food is quite acceptable in David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ Britain.

Well it isn’t.

Saturday the 15th of February: We will hold a flying picket of the worst culprits in Sheffield and call on all trade unionists and members of the community to show support and join us.

Our demands are simple.
1. Proper contracts of employment for employees. security in work.
2. A decent wage that means no longer will employees need to claim benefits.
3. The scrapping of unpaid work like the use of workfare.

We will meet at the bottom of Fargate. Sheffield. S1 1QF to walk the short distance to our first target.

For more information, please message https://www.facebook.com/UniteCommunitySheffield or email gareth50lane@gmail.com

Fast Food Workers

Unite Community Branch’s will be supporting the National Day of Action Against Zero Hours and Helping the bakers Union organise workers in Fast Food Companies. Demonstrations outside McDonalds and Burger King have been called outside their flagship Stores in London and similar protests will be taking place in our region. Watch this space for more info on the demos. Good link here  http://www.politics.co.uk