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Freedom Ride Consultation

George Arthur describes the next move for the South Yorkshire Freedom Riders

GeorgeArthur_LoResThe Freedom Ride open meeting last Thursday saw lots of us coming together and planning our next activities.

We agreed to organise our own consultation about train travel and will be meeting at Barnsley Bus Station at 10.30am this Wednesday morning, to set up our consultation tables with our own consultation sheets and boxes to put completed forms in, which we will hand to the Transport Committee. A copy of the sheet is available for download below. Please use it with friends and neighbours if you can and return at our next meeting or event.

The Sheffield Freedom Riders will be using this at Sheffield bus and train stations. Perhaps Doncaster and Rotherham will be able to do this as well?

We want to make this consultation as large as possible. If we get sheets which show people disagreeing with us that is all part of the democratic process we want to show SYPTE.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 16th at 11am in the Council Chamber in Barnsley Town Hall! It will be an excellent meeting place for us I hope we can more that fill the chamber to discuss what we have done and to discuss our next plans.

I was invited to speak about our campaign to the North Staffs Pensioners Convention in Stoke on Saturday. They were very impressed with what we have done and have sent their congratulations to us. I hope that we will keep good links with this group who are very active themselves. One of them told me about how they ‘hijacked’ a bus to advertise one of their campaigns!

Hope to see you Wednesday 8th at Barnsley bus station. We are planning to repeat the consultation on other days, most probably on Friday at 10.30am.

Download the survey here: Consultation document

Barnsley Demonstration; Reinstate Free Train Travel Now!

On Saturday May 17th the Barnsley Retirees Action Group (BRAG) is organising a demonstration through Barnsley to demand the reinstatement of the right to free train travel for older and disabled people in South Yorkshire which we have lost as a result of Tory spending cuts.

The march will go past the office on Regent Street where the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive will meet  on Mon. 19th May (and which we will lobby from 1pm onwards), then past the rail station to a rally in the precinct.

We obviously hope to have a big turnout of older and disabled people from across South Yorkshire for this march. As important we hope to get large numbers of trade union and Labour delegations.

We welcome speakers from those unions and parties who have been supporting our campaign, as well as from disabled organisations, pensioners groups etc.

The march will assemble at 11am on Eastgate ( a few minutes from the Transport Interchange) near Barnsley College’s main building.

At the last meeting of Barnsley Trades Council we passed motions from GMB and UCU calling for support of  the campaign for free train travel. We will be supporting the demonstration. The campaign has also had national support from both ASLEF and BFAWU and regional support from RMT and the NPC.

in solidarity,

Dave Gibson (campaigner and Trades Council officer)