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Barnsley Peoples Assembly events

At last nights meeting of the Barnsley People’s Assembly we decided to support a number of important events taking place over the next few weeks:

Meeting “Refugees are welcome here” – this is now supported by the Trades Council and by Stand Up to Racism.  It will take place on Saturday December 5th at 11am in the central library on Wellington Street. You may be aware that the South Yorkshire Casuals, a far right group, are planning to demonstrate against immigration outside the Town Hall at 2pm on that date. Their slogan is “Its not immigration its an invasion” and they are clearly trying to create divisions and hatred in our community.

An open meeting has been organised for Tuesday November 10th at 7.30 in the YMCA on Blucher St (just up from the post office) to discuss how those of us opposed to racism can show that these people do not represent the people of our town. The meeting is supported by People’s Assembly, the trades council, Stand Up to Racism and others. Please do your best to get along and be part of the discussion on how we can build a broad coalition of resistance to these racists.

Public meeting “No Fracking in Barnsley” – Thursday Nov 12th, YMCA 7.30, hosted by the Green Party and Frack Free South Yorkshire – all welcome.

Regional People’s Assembly Sunday Nov 15th in Leeds, 11 till 5.50. We are entitled to 5 delegates to the day. 3 people are already planning to go (by train) – please let me know if you would like to attend.

Sat Dec 5th is also the date of the People’s Assembly National conference in London. Obviously this clashes with the important anti-racist activity detailed above, but we would be glad to see someone delegated from Barnsley.  Again please let me know if you would like to attend.

Our next planning meeting will be Wed Dec 2nd 5.30 Barnsley library. All welcome.

If you are in touch with other networks/individuals who may be interested in these events, particularly the events on 10th Nov and 5th Dec please feel free to circulate this information.

Action Alert – 20 June demo!


With a Tory majority in Government it’s quickly becoming clear that we are going to be in the fight of our lives to defend the social fabric of our country; our NHS, welfare state, public services, our trade union organisation and our rights to strike, demonstrate and protest. THESE ATTACKS MUST BE RESISTED!

Many are already organising to show the Tories they won’t be allowed to impose their destructive, ideological and unnecessary cuts on our communities and destroy our public services and welfare state. We have to stand up, proudly and defiantly to resist their attacks on our basic freedoms, such as the right to strike and freedom of speech.

In the days after the election, from Cardiff to Camden, Bristol to Manchester, Norwich to Newcastle we have seen street protests, organising meetings and massive mobilisations in support of the national demo.

Over 54,000 people have already pledged to join us in the heart of the City of London to tell the very richest that the majority will not be made to pay for the legacy of an economic collapse they did not cause. The Tories only got 37% of the vote (just 24% of the electorate), they have no mandate to cut, slash and burn all we hold dear.

We can AND MUST make this demonstration huge.


Unite is a core supporter and founding member of The People’s Assembly and our regions have been asked to make arrangements for transport on the day (the Scottish People’s Assembly is organising its own demonstration). Coaches and train carriages are being booked for the day and it’s really important that workplace reps and activists are on them with flags and banners! We’re in the process of putting a designated coordinator for the day into each region, check the Unite website for further details (www.unitetheunion.org/20june)

  • Branches, reps and activists should use the 20th June demonstration as an opportunity to speak to as many members as possible about resisting the attacks on their unions and communities. Organise meetings and link up with other branches, your local trades council and People’s Assembly groups to book your transport and ensure you bring as many members as possible with you on the day. Family members are of course welcome. Use leaflets and posters to publicise the event in your workplace and sign up to join the the UniteBloc on the demo on Facebook (unitetheunion1)
  • If you are not already involved get involved – contact your local People’s Assembly group and affiliate your branch. They will be organising actions, street stalls and leafleting sessions in local communities that Unite members can be part of. You can get their contact details here: http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/local-groups.

In solidarity

Steve Turner
Assistant General Secretary and National Chair of The People’s Assembly

End Austerity Now: National Demo 20th June

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The People’s Assembly are organising a national demonstration in London on 20 June 2015. The RCO’s are leading for their cluster.  If you would like to attend, please let your RCO know.

We will be circulating information to all activists and have set up a temporary email address (neyh20june@unitetheunion.org) for people to reply to if they are interested in attending.