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No Fracking in Barnsley Campaign Update

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Here is a campaign update from No Fracking in Barnsley. There are numerous ways to get involved from helping to distribute flyers, to attending events, signing the petition and writing to your councillors. The best way to beat fracking is before it starts. Don’t leave it too late, get involved now!

Leafleting: May Day Green, Barnsley
Saturday 27th February, 11am.

Following the great turn out to leaflet in Barnsley Town Centre a couple of weeks ago, we will be holding another leafleting and petition signing session on Saturday 27th February. It is important that we try to raise as much awareness as we possibly can, as a recent poll showed that the more that people understand about fracking, the more likely they are to be against it.

Rumour has it that there will be a big push on exploratory licence applications in the spring, so that just gives us a few short weeks to get as much information as possible out there. There will be no chance of running out of flyers this time, as we have ordered a print run of 5000. Please come and help.

The flyers are due back from print by mid-week, so if you would like some to distribute around your area, please get in touch.


New Campaign Website

During the last few days, we have launched a new campaign website at http://www.nofrackingbarnsley.org. Please visit regularly as we will be building the campaign and on-line resources from here. The old wordpress website will no longer be updated, but will operate for a little while, then divert to the new website.


Voices from the Gasfields: Film Showing
Friday 4th March, 7pm
Montgomery Hall, Church Street Wath-upon-Dearne S63 7RD

Frack Free Dearne Valley will be showing Ian R Crane’s film, Voices from the Gasfields, followed by a discussion. The film is very thought provoking and should not be missed.


Petition: Keep Barnsley Frack Free

Just three weeks after being launched, our petition to Barnsley Council has passed 2000 signatures (2025 online, 130 paper). If you haven’t already signed, please do so. If you have signed, thank you. Please pass the petition on to your friends and family.



Write to your councillor

The only way that we will stand any chance of keeping fracking out of Barnsley is by people power. Our councillors need to be made aware of the scale of public opposition to fracking, so please write to your councillors and make this clear. We have a letter template that you can use, or amend with your own words and a link to find out who your councillors are if you don’t know.



The Great Barnsley Wall of Fracking Resistance

Add your #FrackOffSelfie to the wall of resistance and tell the frackers where to go!

Add your frack off message to your selfie (no need to be polite) and send it to us via Twitter @NoFrackBarnsley, post in on our Facebook wall NoFrackingBarnsley or email us nofrackingbarnsley@yahoo.com and we’ll add your selfie to our wall of resistance.

Be as creative as you like, get your friends, family, pets and soft toys involved and help spread the word that fracking isn’t wanted in Barnsley or anywhere.


Coming soon…

Frack Free Dearne Valley – 15 May 2016: Walk & Rally to Manvers Lake.

Save our steel

I am an electrician at the Platemill in Scunthorpe, one of the steel mills affected by Tata’s plan to cut 1,200 jobs. Steel is in my blood, my great grandfather worked there and both my Grandma and Grandpa have worked there too. There is not a person in Scunthorpe that doesn’t know someone that is affected by cuts.

Thousands of steel jobs are under threat right now. If the Government doesn’t act the industry in the UK is going to disappear. That’s why I’m supporting the Daily Mirror’s petition to Save our Steel and I urge you to sign too.

I come from a typical working class family and although I succeeded academically at school, university was never going to be an affordable option for my family, so an apprenticeship on the steelworks seemed like the perfect solution.

Scunthorpe is a steel town, everyone told me when I got my job that the steelworks was a job for life and a job that has provided a good life for many people in the town.

We know that there isn’t a magic wand to be waved that will fix all the challenges that the industry faces but we also know that there are practical things that the government can do today to make us more competitive in the market. The Prime Minister could cut business rates, lower energy costs and stop the Chinese dumping their cheap steel in our country and there is one thing you could certainly do, use British steel for British infrastructure!

The people I work with are worried about how they will pay their mortgage, how will they afford Christmas with their jobs at risk and where will they be able to find another job.

We need the Government to act. Please join the petition and urge action to save our steel.

Thank you,


Help promote petition – Reform benefit sanctions regime

The TUC is running a petition to ask the next Secretary of State for Work and Pensions to immediately reform the failing benefit sanctions regime. Sanctions are being used unfairly and arbitrarily – and it’s not just claimants saying this, but Jobcentre Plus staff. A Selection of Especially Stupid Benefit Sanctions

We currently have just over 8000 signatures but are hoping to get at least 12000. Could you please promote the petition through your networks to help make a strong case for reviewing the current sanction regime. https://campaign.goingtowork.org.uk/petitions/reform-the-cruel-sanctions-regime