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Solidarity Autumn Edition

Below is the Autumn 2015 Edition of Solidarity.

It includes articles on the newly launched Welfare Charter as well as the recent Coroner’s comments on the’ fit for work’ test.

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Message of solidarity to the people of Greece

Dear Comrades and Friend,

Unite Community South Yorkshire is a UK based union; we represent all people who cannot find union representation in other ways. Even now in the 21st century, too many people in our country are being pushed to the margins of society. They deserve to be heard; they too deserve the support to organise collectively.

Our branch would like to send a message of solidarity, support and love to the people of Greece:

1.This Branch endorses the message of solidarity and support for the Syriza led Greek government from the General Secretary of Unite and the General Secretary of the TUC.

2. In particular we declare our solidarity with the Greek working class who made their recent general election win possible, and applaud their heroic efforts to throw off the yoke of austerity and debt slavery imposed by banks & bankers, rich parasites and  corrupt politicians.

3. We also note their continuing struggle to repel the anti-democratic fascist tendencies which would intensify the sacrifices being demanded of the working class.

4. We resolve to continue with our opposition to the austerity programme imposed by the UK Coalition government in all its various methods of making the poorest pay for the economic mistakes of the world’s wealthiest, and urge the membership to continue to actively support initiatives which challenge this and promote alternative strategies.

Yours in solidarity.

David Kirkham
Branch Chair
Unite Community South Yorkshire

Solidarity with PCS picket lines


Unite Community members today supported the PCS picket lines strengthening our links. We understand the pressures facing staff whilst at the same time supporting our communities suffering from the cruel and unnecessary welfare reforms.

We will have a much greater chance of defeating the ConDem’s austerity policies if we can link the struggles of the unemployed with the struggles of workers. United we are strong!

An example of our joint work here.

Argos Strike Solidarity

Unite Community Members today showed their solidarity with the striking Argos workers by standing with them on the picket line.

They then continued their support by leafleting outside the Argos store informing shoppers about the strike leaflet (here). Why not organise a solidarity action in your town? In this climate of attacks on the unemployed, it’s so important to show workers that the unemployed are standing in solidarity with them when they take Industrial action.

Solidarity is the key to success.

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Unite Community Supports The Fire Fighters!

Unite Community Members and Unite Industrial Members along with PCS, GMB, NUT and Unison members, applauded members of the FBU today in Barnsley as they came out on strike. We then listened to speeches from all the Unions, who pledged their support. Joe Rollin Unite Community Coordinator also handed over a letter of support from Len McCluskey, which was read out by Nigel Bailey FBU shop steward.

Letter of support from Len McCluskey

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