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Welfare Rights Training

Richard Vivian, Unite Community Activist prepared the whole days training and delivered it to a group of 18 Community Activists at our center in Barnsley. We had a mixed audience including Unite Community Members, Trades Council Representatives, NUM Delegates and volunteers from our Local Food Bank. Solidarity is our weapon against the cruel and unnecessary Welfare Reform.Yet again, today we have proven activism gets the results “Educate, Agitate, Organize”.

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Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Photographs from Saturday night’s gig in Barnsley. We raised over £500 for the campaign and as you can see the bands (Thee Faction (London), The Hurriers (Barnsley) and Quiet Loner (Liverpool) ) all stopped off to have a guided tour of the NUM Building and the Unite Community Centre.

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Sheffield Uni debate on Thatcher’s legacy

Around 150 students crammed into the Revolution Coffee Bar at Sheffield University on Monday 30th September to hear John Dunn –  ex-miner, and current member of Unite the Union – debate against a Tory making the absurd claim that Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister was a triumph, leading to long term prosperity for British people that we should all be very grateful for today.

Joe Rollin, the local organiser of the South Yorkshire Unite Community branch was asked by the Sheffield University Debating Society to provide a speaker for the debate and John – a miner during the 1984-85 strike, which was a landmark event during Thatcher’s reign as Prime minister – readily agreed to speak.

Following the speaker from the Tories, who opened by claiming that Thatcher really was the best thing that has happened to Britain since the invention of sliced bread, John passionately described the reality of Thatcher’s Britain and the economic and social effects of Tory policies on the coal and steel industry in the Sheffield area and elsewhere.

John described the disasters that ensued from following the capitalist mantra of relying on “the invisible hand” of the market and explained how the promises made by Thatcher that she would give the British people a “share owning” part in the wealth of Britain were nothing but an excuse to privatise and dismantle nationalised industries in the interests of profit-making big businesses.
As a result of Thatcher’s attacks on the trade unions and the driving down of wages, working people, John said, were forced into a credit bubble in which the hard earned savings of ordinary people were gambled away by the bankers, leading eventually to the huge finance crisis of 2008. The British people are now paying as a result of the ConDem coalitions’ austerity measures for the nationalisation of the debts created by this crisis, whilst the bankers are still receiving their huge bonuses.

John reminded the meeting that this – the decimation of communities, the present austerity, high youth unemployment and continuing poverty – was the real, on going legacy of Thatcher.

Following lively and interesting contributions from the floor the debate was wound up by John who urged students to join Unite the Union, become politically organised, and begin the fight back against this current anti-working class, Tory-led coalition government.

John ended by appealing to the students that the best way to secure their own future and put an end to the legacy of Thatcher was to join in the struggle for a socialist society. The debate was put to the vote and the argument put forward by John and Unite the Union was carried by a huge majority to loud applause and cheering.
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Unite Community Supports The Fire Fighters!

Unite Community Members and Unite Industrial Members along with PCS, GMB, NUT and Unison members, applauded members of the FBU today in Barnsley as they came out on strike. We then listened to speeches from all the Unions, who pledged their support. Joe Rollin Unite Community Coordinator also handed over a letter of support from Len McCluskey, which was read out by Nigel Bailey FBU shop steward.

Letter of support from Len McCluskey

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Public Speaking Short Course

This short film captures a few moments of day two of a Unite public speaking course run in the Barnsley NUM/Unite Community Centre. On day one activists were taken through the techniques of public speaking, delivery, planning structure and content. They then went away with homework to watch some speeches and to prepare a short speech themselves. Day two was made up of the activists, delivering their speeches to their fellow activists from the stage of the main hall. The results were breathtaking.


FREE Unite Training Courses

Below is the list of Unite 1 Day and 2 Day Courses available for you to attend in the next few months.

These courses are available to ULRs, Community Activists, Workplace Reps and Branch Officials.

All courses are FREE to Unite Members and a Buffet Lunch will be provided and your Travel will be reimbursed.

Please respond promptly as there are a limited number of places available for each course.

1 Day Courses

  • Graphic Design at Unite Regional Office in Leeds on October 22nd – 10am to 4pm
  • New Media and Blogging at Unite Regional Office in Leeds on September 30th – 10am to 4pm
  • New Media and Blogging at Unite Regional Office in Leeds on October 24th – 10am to 4pm

2 Day Courses

  • Public Speaking and the Media 2  at Barnsley NUM/Unite Community Centre on November 18th  and 25th – 10am to 4pm
  • Public Speaking and the Media 1 at Durham NUM/Unite Community Centre on  November 19th and 26th – 10am to 4pm

Please contact David Condliffe if you would like to attend any of the course above: David.condliffe@unitetheunion.org