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A call from the BMA to all Unite Community activists – WE NEED YOU!

Junior Doctors across England will be commencing industrial action on Tuesday 12th January. We are opposing this government’s attempt to impose an unsafe new contract on the medical profession. It is our view that the proposed contract represents an existential danger to the NHS as an institution.

You may be aware that the BMA had initially suspended its planned industrial action at the start of December and returned to talks with the Department of Health. That decision was made in good faith. However, over the last few weeks, in the course of negotiations with Government we have encountered only intransigence. It is clear that the government perceives our contract issue as pivotal for its attempt to “reform” the NHS towards a neoliberal, commercialised system.

It is therefore evident to us that we have no choice but to transform our 98% ballot mandate into action.

The developments of the next few months will have consequences stretching far into the future. This government is wilfully putting at risk our patients’ safety, the tolerability of our working lives as NHS workers and the very viability of the NHS as a publicly-funded, publicly-provided service.

Why we need YOU

The coming period will be the ultimate test of the BMA’s resolve as a Union. However, we remain mindful of the fact that the BMA is not an abstract entity operating in isolation from wider political developments. There is no way that we can win this on our own. We need all concerned citizens, activists and trade unionists to stand alongside us in this fight.

Over the last few months we have been in dialogue with many trade unionists throughout the country and we have been enormously grateful for their support both at a local and national level. The public messages of support from our allied health worker colleagues, the firefighters, the teaching unions and the TUC and TUCG unions have galvanised junior doctors.

We are therefore well aware that all eyes are upon us and that the institutions which represent the wider working class stand with us in solidarity.

We are in no doubt that Osborne, Cameron and Hunt will use the proposed doctor’s contract as a tool for achieving the destruction of safe terms and conditions throughout the NHS and throughout the public sector. The Conservative Party is attempting to stretch the NHS into an ostensibly 7-day elective service whilst simultaneously launching the biggest assault on NHS resources in its history. The politics of austerity represents a clear and present danger to the nation’s health.

A victory for the Junior Doctors would signify the first real crack in the entire edifice of austerity in the UK.

Please stand with us. And when you need us, ask us. We will stand by you.

Invitation to attend our pickets

On behalf of the entire BMA we thank you all for your incredible support so far. Many of you will have seen the details with regards to the planned action and I will reiterate them below. We invite you to come out and display your visible support for us on the days of action.

•The action will begin with an emergency care-only model, which would see junior doctors provide the same level of service that happens in their given specialty, hospital or GP practice on Christmas Day. It will then escalate to full walk-outs. The action as proposed is:

Emergency care only — 24 hrs from 8am Tuesday 12 January to 8am Wednesday 13 January

Emergency care only — 48 hrs from 8am Tuesday 26th January to 8am Thursday 28 January

Full withdrawal of labour — from 8am to 5pm Wednesday 10th February

•The aim is to picket all major hospitals in England on all three days of proposed action. Pickets will be in the vicinity of the main entrances and will start at 8am, continuing until at least 12.30pm. However, many picket sites will continue into the evening, especially at the larger hospitals.

•Along with the pickets there will be parallel “Meet the Doctors” events at nearby transport stops or public spaces. We will direct you to these events from the picket.

•Please turn up on the days of action, and give us your support. We will then inform you if other local events are planned on the day. If you are an allied health worker, trade unionist or campaigner please do consider bringing along the banner representing your organisation, your working uniform or similar. We would appreciate it however if banners in explicit endorsement of specific political parties are not displayed and that any selling of campaign literature such as newspapers is relatively discreet.

•On the days of action, please do debate us, educate us and invite us to address your colleagues in your workplace or trade union branch.

Just as the social democratic consensus in this country began with the inception of the NHS in 1948 so too will the NHS be the site of Britain’s last stand against the all-consuming forces of austerity.

Solidarity is the antidote to the cynicism of those in power. Now is the time to stand together in a common defence of the NHS. If not now, when?

Kind regards

Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis, Member of BMA Junior Doctors Committee National Executive.

Please share these memes on social media to show your support.

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Football Tournament

This should be the final Communication about the Football Tournament on 16th of January but please feel free to contact me any time for further clarification or information about the day you can get me on:

Mobile 07814336545

Information about the Day itself

All the games will be played in doors on astro turf so please bring appropriate footwear, please bring along matching colour shirts for your team, we have spare shirts for the day if two teams clash supplied by Amnesty International. A map of how to get to the ground, start and finish times can be found here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/unite-the-union-community-5-a-side-football-tournament-tickets-19419703857?aff=efbnreg

Food will be provided free on the day, and no entry cost will be charged!

There is also free parking

Please bring as many substitutes, friends and supporters as you like we want the day to be as inclusive as possible mixed teams are also welcome. We also have a facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Football-and-education-tournament-505269412966400/

And the unite community Blog here: http://barnsleycsc.com/?s=football

Unite Community operate a zero tolerance attitude to any form of discrimination so please come with an inclusive attitude, we want people to enjoy the day make new friends and contacts and help create a more decent and fair society.

Please find below the final Grid with all the teams on and a running order for the day! Copy of Copy of football list JOE

I look forward to meeting you all, in Solidarity Joe Rollin Organiser Unite the Union.

‘King Coal’ is not a lost cause, despite treasury short-sightedness, says Unite

‘King Coal’ has a future as a UK producer, despite ministerial short-sightedness, driven by treasury cuts, Unite, the country’s largest union, said today (Thursday 17 December).

And coal’s importance cannot be underestimated when there are big questions about the country’s energy security in the decades ahead.

Unite said that the closure tomorrow (Friday 18 December) of Britain’s last deep pit coal mine at Kellingley colliery, near Castleford, was yet another glaring example of the government’s short-termism in its overall energy policy.

Unite has repeatedly warned that industry, commerce and consumers face higher UK electricity prices and the prospect of the lights going out in the years ahead, because power reserves are so slim, especially during cold weather ‘snaps’.

Unite national officer for the coal sector, John Allott said: “Coal was responsible for kick-starting the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago and generating much of the country’s energy needs since then.

“The closure of Kellingley colliery is a sad end to the proud history of deep mining coal production in the UK.

“There is a future for coal in the UK and it is not a lost cause. We urge the government to turn more attention to surface mining and its future development and creation of much-needed employment. 

“We are sitting on a sea of coal that ministers now seem to have discarded in their energy calculations, despite the fact that we are living in an increasingly insecure world where oil and gas imports could be under threat.

“The last straw was the jettisoning of the £1bn carbon capture and storage (CCS) competition by chancellor George Osborne last month that would have given coal a real future, while keeping carbon emissions within EU limits. This technology is already used effectively in Canada and Sweden.

“Energy and climate change secretary Amber Rudd does not seem to have a grip of her portfolio and appears to be rudderless under the weight of treasury pressure. Coal is a victim – as are the dedicated workers at Kellingley – of this policy of drift, cutbacks and short-sightedness.   

“Currently 31 per cent of electricity comes from coal burning power stations, but a third of this is expected to close by next year and by 2023 the National Grid expects all power stations to close leaving a gaping hole in the UK’s capacity to keep the lights on.

“When the sun is not shining, the wind is not blowing and there is peak demand, we need other affordable, reliable and secure sources of UK energy supply.”

Unite’s policy is keep UK coal production alive, utilising CCS technology to keep coal as an integral part of a UK coherent energy policy.

Step in to Save our Steel – Unite urges the government to take action

Dear colleagues

On Saturday, Unite joined with our fellow steel unions, the GMB and Community, to hold a rally in Sheffield.

The event brought together hundreds of members and their families, travelling from Wales, Scotland and across England.

A film of the full event is in production and will follow shortly, but for now here is the GS’s speech to the workers and their families.


Here, too, is Len’s piece from the Sunday Mirror yesterday (it appeared both in the paper and online)

The campaign goes on – please do lend your support to our members and this vital industry by sharing these links.

With best wishes

Unite communications team

Save our Steel Rally Sheffield


There was anger at the Conservative government at the Save Our Steel rally in Sheffield, for allowing the collapse of our steel industry.

SOS speakers were Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror, Julie Dore leader of Sheffield Council, Charlotte Upton of Unite Tata Steel, Roy Rickhuss the General Secretary of steelworkers’ union, Len Mckluskey the Unite General Secretary, Alan Coombs of Community Port Talbot, Frances O’Grady of the TUC, Andy McDonald Labour MP for Middlesbourough, Tim Roach and many more!

Fantastic speeches were made by the United Steel Workers (from America) who have been locked out for 100 Days and Charlotte Upton of Unite Young Member and TATA Steel Rep.

Unite Community, and Public and Commercial Services (PCS) hold Social Security summit

This is the first ‘myth busting’ conference that brings together those who need benefits and those who administer them to mutually support one another against the austerity agenda.
The keynote speakers include:
  • Unite general secretary Len McCluskey
  • PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka
Unite general secretary Len McCluskey will tell delegates: “This government sneaked its way into power by refusing to tell the electorate in May that the true nature of its underlying plan was savage cuts to the welfare system.
“We know that ministers are mounting a twin-pronged attack on the financial support that people in work receive and in swingeing cuts to those out of work.  The strain on frontline benefit workers, who have to deal with desperate people every day, is appalling. 
“That is why we are bringing these two communities together. It is vital that those who need benefits and those who administer them understand that this dreadful situation is not their creation, but manufactured in Number 10 and cruelly refined next door in Number 11 by chancellor George Osborne.” 
Workshops at the summit will cover topics including:
  • Building a broad-based coalition with charities, religious bodies, food banks and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Using the media to get out the real stories about welfare budget cuts
  • Engaging with women, the disabled, young people and BAEM communities disproportionally hit by the welfare axe
  • Campaigning against the Welfare Reform and Work bill
  • Lobbying politicians to build support to stop the cuts
The latest version of the programme is available via http://www.unitetheunion.org/uploaded/documents/FINAL%20PCS%20-%20Unite%20summit%20agenda11-24510.pdf  
Members of the media are warmly invited to attend this conference and should get in touch with Unite director of communications, Pauline Doyle by email pauline.doyle@unitetheunion.org, so they can get the necessary accreditation.


Emergency Budget demo – 8th July

A demonstration is scheduled to take place at Barnsley Town Hall during lunchtime on Wednesday 8th July 2015, in protest against the Chancellor’s austerity budget.

300 black (environmentally friendly) balloons will be released at 12.30pm (prompt) to symbolise the 300 jobs lost in Barnsley Council last year.

Please come along and support the event but please will you also promote the event by distributing the attached flyer amongst your networks and by encouraging your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Download the flyer: July 8th demo

Unite takes action against government attacks on ‘vulnerable’ benefit claimants

Britain’s largest trade union, Unite, will kick start a nationwide campaign tomorrow (Wednesday 4 February) against benefit sanctions which are pushing people into poverty and punishing debt.

The campaign, to stop benefit sanctions, will be launched on the same day that the House of Commons work and pensions committee questions Esther McVey, the minister for employment, over the government’s sanctions regime.

Unite is angry over the way the government imposes benefit sanctions to ‘vulnerable’ claimants – leaving millions of people in poverty, debt, ill health and angry.

On Thursday 19 March, Unite is calling for trade unions, charities and community campaigners up and down the country to take part in a ‘National Day of Action’ with Unite Community Membership, as part of the campaign.

Unite head of community membership, Liane Groves, said: “It is no wonder people are angry. The government has hit millions of vulnerable people and their families with benefit sanctions – causing the rise of food bank Britain.

“Sanctions are cruel and ineffective – often handed out for no good reason.

“We want to send a message to Esther McVey and Westminster that the government is failing to support vulnerable people in our society.  More needs to be done to support us all in time of need – not make personal situations worse.

“Thursday 19 March is a national day of action to highlight the ‘shocking’ impact of government benefit sanctions – we must join forces to stop this now before more people are forced into poverty.”

Social housing, not social cleansing

Please watch and share the video above. You can follow the campaign on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/neweraresidents

On Monday 1 December more than 500 people took to the streets to show their support for the 93 families from Hoxton’s New Era estate whose homes have been bought up by American firm Westbrook Partners.

Single mum and resident Lindsey Garrett, a Unite member, led the march to Downing Street where a petition with more than 300,000 signatures was handed in to David Cameron.

The New Era campaign is part of a wider campaign calling for more social housing and no social cleansing.