Here at Unite Community, we are keen to forge better links with TUC Unemployed Workers Centres.

Unemployed Workers Centres don’t just help unemployed and disabled people to get the benefits they need to survive. They run training courses and other services to help their clients into jobs and out of poverty.

In towns across the country, the task of representing the trade union movement on local and national government initiatives such as the New Deal, Employment Zones and European Social Fund projects is fulfilled by Unemployed Workers’ Centres. Some centres are going further, leading the way in developing positive labour market programmes.

Unemployed WorkersÂ’ Centres help some of the poorest people in Britain to get benefits and jobs . They are developing new programmes to help socially excluded people back into the mainstream, and campaigning for reforms that will help claimants for years to come.

Directory of Unemployed Workers Centres: UWCDirectory

North Derbyshire Unite Community Newsletter: solautumn2014