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Unite Community members where out leafleting again today, this time outside the Barnsley Job Centre again, to deliver our letter to PCS Members in the Barnsley DWP office.

This week Unite Community will be holding an information stall outside the Barnsley DWP office to highlight the coalition government’s unfair and unjustified attacks on the benefits system and on the unemployed, the sick and disabled and their families who rely on these benefits. We ask you to support the action in any way you can. I want to emphasise that this stall is not aimed at DWP employees/PCS members, who we know are under similar attack from this Government in terms of redundancy threat and squeeze on pay and conditions. We want to make common cause with you as out fight is your fight and vice versa. Instead this demonstration is aimed at the government’s savage policy of cutting £30 billion out of the benefits system and forcing people of benefits through measures like the cruel sanctions regime and the discredited Work Capability Assessment.

This has resulted in us setting up a meeting with the Barnsley PCS Branch. Leaflet here.

Joe Rollin Unite Community Coordinator / Unite In Schools Coordinator
Tel 07711 375 536