Disabled people face discrimination from employers which makes it much more difficult to find employment. Yet Government ministers blame disabled workers.
Unite rejects the vilification of disabled workers in the media, portraying disabled workers as benefit scroungers.
Unite holds the current Government responsible for work capability assessments, they have employed private company Atos to carry out assessments which declare disabled people fit to work and cut vital benefit payments.

Atos are a profit driven multi-national; they set targets to reduce benefit claims, plunging disabled workers into poverty
• Over 40% of appeals against Work capability assessments succeed, but they take months to process while benefits have been cut
• 10,600 people have died within 6 weeks of being deemed ‘fit to work’ by Atos.
• Atos’ own whistle blowers have called the assessments ‘skewed’ and ‘unfair against the claimant’
• Assessors often don’t have the correct training and skills to be carrying out such vital assessments
• If a person has a permanent disability or a terminal illness they are still forced to sit an assessment every six months
• Atos and the crude tick-box system they use to assess a person’s ability to work does not identify mental ill-health. This has resulted in countless suicides and attempted suicides by vulnerable people.